Best B+ (plus) courses in Kenya

Best B+ (plus) courses in Kenya

It is so excited after graduating from high school with a good grade. However, you might have passed well and pursue a degree course but still tarmac while looking for a job in your field. This is sad, but students need to select the most marketable courses in Kenya to avoid such situations in life. Don’t be fooled by anyone that all courses are equal since the world is changing and some fields now require more employees. Managing to score a B+, you will find a good number of opportunities. Listings have selected the best courses today. You can go through them and select according to your passion and abilities.

1. Medicine and surgery

This field is highly valued and respected by many. If you managed to get a B+ and above, you could try it. Make sure that you have the passion before pursuing this course. The course requires maximum attention and hard work. It will take around seven years to complete this course. If you manage to complete the course successfully, you can work in any part of the world. The world has put maximum attention on health, and you can never live without a job. Alternatively, you can opt to start your private hospital and earn good cash.

2. Pharmacy

Pharmacists are highly demanded globally. This is due to the rising number of both private and public hospitals. You can also open your pharmacy. The best thing about this business is that not anyone can start unless they are trained and licensed. This limits the numbers; hence you will be able to make maximum profit. To qualify for this course, you must have attained a minimum of B+ in your KCSE examinations. After completing your course successfully, you can earn up to 150k per month.


  • Biology B-
  • Chemistry B-
  • Math/Physics B-
  • English/Kiswahili B-

3. Mechanical engineering

This course deals with machines, and the learner can be taught how to maintain and design power machines. Machines are almost everywhere, and this is an opportunity for getting jobs easily. A graduate can get employed in car industries, manufacturing industries like coca-cola company and more other places. If unlucky to secure a job, you can open your service Centre for cars, motorbikes, and generators.

The qualifications are:

  • C+ in Mathematics
  • C+ in Chemistry
  • C+ in physics
  • Above C+ in any group 2, 3, 4, and 5 subjects

4. Architecture

Architecture is among the marketable courses in the country. It deals with buildings, including the tall and well-designed buildings you have come across. Buildings are now part of life, and the number of unemployed in this field is very few. Since more buildings are coming up daily, some lucky students start earning before they graduate. If you graduate from this course, you can earn up to 100k per month. University of Nairobi and JKUAT is the best in offering this course.

Qualifications are:

  • A minimum of C+ in Maths/Physics/Biology
  • History/Geography/CRE/IRE C+ and above
  • C+ and above in Chemistry
  • Above C+ in Home science/ Agriculture/ Art and design/ Computer studies/ Aviation technology.

5. Computer science

The market has advanced in terms of technology, and many people have secured jobs in the tech industry. Computer science deals with computer administration and software engineering, which are part of technology. To pursue this course, you must be good in mathematics and analytical thinking. This course covers computer games, system management, software engineering, artificial intelligence, and more. Computers are used in many workplaces, and tech is part of life. Therefore, if you graduate with a degree in computer science, you will find more job opportunities.

Qualifications are:

  • B+ in mathematics/ Physics/ Chemistry

6. Actuarial science

This field applies mathematical and statistical methods in accessing insurance and financial risks. In universities, many individuals believe that this course is demanding. Although, having the right attitude and mentality can make you pass with first-class honor. Actuaries are known to be smart and good in numbers. Qualified actuaries can earn up to 200k per month. Luckily, the number of companies increases every year; hence this profession will be high on demand.


  • Mathematics C+
  • English C+

7. Electric and electronic engineering

If you manage to graduate with this degree, you can work in several companies in Kenya, for example, KPLC, plexus energy, Kenya solar limited, Solagen power, and Kengen. Internships are very important to help you get some experience. The good thing about this course is that you can employ yourself if you are not employed.

The qualifications are:

  • Math C+
  • Physics C+
  • English or Kiswahili C+
  • Any technical subject C+

8. Telecommunication and information engineering

Kenya has several telecommunication companies today. The numbers are expected to rise in the future hence creating more jobs. The older companies like Safaricom, Airtel, Fiber, Telcom and the new ones like Poa internet and mawingu Wi-Fi have job openings to skillful individuals in the field. Once employed, the salary can range up to 50k per month.

Qualifications are:

  • Mathematics above C+
  • Chemistry C+ and above
  • Physics above C+
  • English/ Kiswahili C+
  • In any group 2,3,4 and 5 C+

9. Civil engineering

This course is now marketable due to the rise in the development of infrastructure and roads. Many counties are working tirelessly to improve the roads and infrastructure. In Kenya’s vision 2030, infrastructural growth is among the main plans of the government. Therefore, you can easily get a job in government after completing your course. Apart from working in the government, you can also be employed in private organizations. A good number of people have graduated from this course and are employed. To pursue this course, one must score a B+ and above to easily get a chance in local universities.


The above are the best B+ courses in Kenya. Make sure you work hard to get enough skills and knowledge. It is also wise to select a course that you have passion and abilities. After making your decision, the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) will place you depending on how you will select.

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