How to make money online as a Campus student in Kenya 2021

How to make money online as a Campus student in Kenya 2024

The main goal of students on Campus is to graduate and excel in their career endeavors. However, with the increased economy, the money sent to students by their parents is sometimes not enough to make both ends meet, simply because students have a variety of roles to engage in with the money sent to them like; to cater for their school fees, rent, food, print out assignments among others. To cover all these, most students tend to look for plan B. If you are searching for a plan B on how to make money on Campus, this is your ideal home.

1. Engage in Freelance Work

Freelance working is a very common activity; thus, any student can engage in it with ease. The best thing about it is that it has a variety of activities that you can engage in. As a freelance, you’ll be paid well; therefore, to further this concept, I’ll portray an example of being a freelance writer at any website; the most common ones are Scooper and Phoenix. They advertise vacant positions, and then you’ll send your articles to them, and once they are approved and accepted, you’ll be allowed to work for them.

2. Sell Items on social media

Modernization has boosted the business sector. As a student, you can advertise your products in the media through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or even WhatsApp. Then, the interested client will get in touch with you. It’s easy to operate this kind of job as all you require is a good camera to take the photos, a good internet connection to post the pictures in the media and good communication skills to use when communicating with your clients.

3. Design and sell Merchandise

When words fail, gifts do the talking; in the current society, people love to gift one another with this idea, you can start designing and selling items like shirts, cups, mugs, water bottles, Mason jars, among others you can then sell online. Creativity is the key in this field. You can develop words that will touch your audience, like “Happy Birthday,” and etcetera to attract your audience.

4. Web-design

Are you an IT expert? Your skills can earn you money if you use them wisely. All you need is a computer, a stable internet connection, and some basic web design and graphic skills, which you’ll then engage in website designing and earn your legal money.

5. Sell your Notes

This is the most underrated way of earning money in university, as most students underrate it. It may appear a minor activity but trust me, and it is well paying. We all are aware of students who hardly attend classes in the name of ‘their money will cater to them; thus, you can create a job opportunity with this concept. Through printing the notes out and then selling them as printouts at a given fee and lastly, it’s through uploading your notes on the Internet on platforms such as Notesale, at a certain fee then other students can come to download them for their usage.

6. Start Your blog

Blogging is characterized as a passive income. Are you aware that you can earn money even when you sleep? This is how blogging works: First, you must have a website, then if you have deep knowledge on a particular thing compared to the average person, you can share it on your blog. Just like any other business, when you are still fresh in it, you will experience challenges. In this arena at the beginning trying to catch your audience might be hectic and will require a lot of hard work as you’ll have to put a lot of content together, but after you are through with all that, it will be very easy, as it will require minimal time and you’ll be legally earning well.

7. Work with Uber Eats

Ml is on-demand in Kenya as it deals with delivering food products ordered by clients. This job will be of great advantage if you own a bicycle or a motorbike, which you’ll be using as your means of transportation to deliver the goods. Provided you have logged in on the app as working, and you’ll get the alert from the app, which will notify you where to pick the food from the specified restaurant to the location of the client who ordered. Its main advantage is that you will get to work on your terms. When you are ready to work, log in to the app, but you log out when you are rather doing something else.

8. Online Tutor

Online tutoring is teaching students through the online platform. The onset of covid 19 massively propelled this sector as many individuals started using it. Teachers were able to connect well with their students, and the syllabus was covered through the use of platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Thus a campus student who has the required knowledge can engage in online tutoring and get that extra cash.

9. Write an E-book

This platform allows you to write your book online, and then you can sell it. An e-book has an advantage because it is not limited to a particular region, but it will be accessible globally. Therefore, easy to market because regardless of the location, everyone can access it, buy, and read with ease. If you are a passionate writer, try this out!

10. Sell Hand-Made items on the Internet

Different people have different skills designed to suit them. Those who are best in skills like crotchet making or jewelry do not let your skills go unnoticed when you can utilize them. The Internet has made things easier where you can now market your stuff easily and fast like: those who are best in jewelry making can design their items then advertise them online. In return, they’ll get interested customers, hence enabling them to earn their income legally while on Campus.

However, don’t skip classes in school to look for money. Ensure you give 100% energy to your academics!

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