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22 Apps to make money online in Kenya 2022

We spend more time on our phones than we do with our friends, studies, or even Family. This time is wasted by viewing irrelevant status updates and surfing rumors on the internet. On the contrary, one should use Apps that make money to cover up on time wasted. Making money through apps in Kenya is easy as long as you learn the skills required. For instance, learning academic writing skills will pave the way to apps that make money through freelancing.

 Apps that make money online through surveys

1. Geopoll

Platforms available: iOS/Android

Google play store ratings: 4.3/5 9000+ reviews 1,000,000 + downloads.

Payment Method: Airtime Credit.

Tasks: Short surveys, Downloading Applications

Goepoll is the most common survey app that pays in Kenya. Some of the surveys carried out include politics, weather, price comparison, and billboards. The average pay per survey is KES20. However, some surveys pay even up to and are not limited to KES100. In addition, this app pays KES 5 for every referral. Payments are made to inform of credits. The minimum withdrawal threshold is KES80. Active users get more surveys every day.

2. SurveyFlix

SurveyFlix is another survey platform in Kenya. It pays participants through Mpesa once they complete a survey. However, not all are paid using cash, some other surveys are paid in Airtime. The best thing about surveyflix is that it has a high survey refill rate.

You can also make more money by inviting your friends to participate in the surveys

 Apps that make money through Writing

3. Upwork

Platforms available: iOS/Android/Browser

Google play store ratings: 3.7/5 15,000+ reviews

Upwork is a freelancing website where one is paid for services such as article writing, academic writing transcription, and so on. If you have any of these skills then you should give it a try. This is the most common among websites or apps that make money in Kenya

4. Fiverr

Platforms available: iOS/Android/Browser

Fiverr is an online marketplace where you can offer various services such as article writing, graphics design, translation, and social media marketing. Payments are done through secure means such as Payoneer, Paypal, and wire transfer.

Apps that make money through Advertising

5. Adsense

Platforms available: iOS/Android/Browser

Google AdSense is an advertisement program that pays you for placing ads on your blog. Payments are based on the number of clicks and views on these advertisements.

Apps that make money by Referrals/affiliate marketing

6. Jumia

Platforms available: iOS/Android/Browser

Jumia is the leading online shopping mall in Africa. Through the Jumia affiliates program, one can make a decent amount of money. In addition, Jumia rolled out a new feature known as called Gforce which allows someone to sell products via their platform. Payment methods include Mpesa and wire transfer.

7. Amazon

Platforms available: iOS/Android/Browser

Leading online shopping mall in the world. One can make money by selling products such as ebooks or through the Amazon associates program. In fact, Amazon Associates is one of the best and largest Affiliate programs in the world. Payouts are done through Payoneer, Paypal and wire transfer.

8. Payoneer

Platforms available: iOS/Android/Browser

Payoneer is a leading online payment service that allows freelancers to receive payment from their perspective freelancing websites. In addition, every new Payoneer member gets free $25 and the referrer gets $25 too.

Note that to receive the bonus you have to transact a minimum of $1000 through their platform.

9. Branch

Platforms available: iOS/Android

Branch is the number 1 money lending app in Africa. Further, it pays KES 500 for inviting a person.  Payout is made in terms of discounts on your own loans.

*Bonuses from this app change from time to time

10. Tala

Platforms available: iOS/Android

Just like Branch loan app, Tala pays KES 500 for every person you invite.

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How to make money as campus student

Apps that make Money through online Selling

11. OlX currently Jiji

Platforms available: iOS/Android/Browser

OLX is an online shop that allows users to sell new or used products. You can buy items and sell them using JIJI app. Be careful while dealing with second-hand items. Always ask for receipts so as not to get into trouble. Always meet in public places with the buyer/seller to be on the safe side. Despite the risks, you can make a significant amount of money by selling on JIJI due to its large userbase.

 Apps make money through recharge

12. O-charge

Platforms available: iOS/Android

Ocharge is an online credit recharge app that awards points based on the amount of credit bought. One point is equivalent to I KES. So if you have 10,000 that is equivalent to KES 10,000. Note that these points can only be redeemed to purchase products and services in shops partnering with Ocharge around Nairobi. In addition, these points are redeemed for discounts on the products alone. For example, a movie ticket that costs KES 500 one can redeem these points and purchase it at KES300 +200 Ocharge points

13. Kashbak

Platforms available: iOS/Android

Kashbak pays a 1% commission for every recharge. Furthermore, recharging on kashbak is free, with no transaction fees. Other recharge companies like PesaPal always charge transaction fees. In addition, Kashbak also allows payment of utility bills such as KPLC tokens.

14. Dent App

Platforms available: iOS/Android

Tasks. Credit recharge and referrals

Payment: Through credit.

15. My Safaricom App/Mpesa

Yes, that’s right. There are several ways to make money from Safaricom and receive payments via Mpesa

  1. Mshwari locked savings account (you can earn up to 6% interest of your cash by saving cash for one year)
  2. Mshwari deposits (You can earn up to 5% by depositing your cash on Mshwari for one year)
  3. Buying Government bonds via Mpesa (M-Akiba)
  4. saving on KCB M-Pesa (Earn up to 6.3% by saving cash on either the fixed savings or target savings account)

16. Paxful

If you want to make money by buying and selling Bitcoins, then you should try Paxful. This is one of the most popular bitcoin wallets in Africa. There are a lot of people sitting millions from buying and selling bitcoins in Kenya. You buy low and sell high, that’s the secret. Also, you can make more money by inviting other people to the platform.

17. CryptoTab

. Earn money by watching movies, chatting with your friends, and playing games. I mine BTC with CryptoTab for around a year and that is perfect for extra earning. No fees, no expenditures. Get it by following my link

NOTE: You can mine with many phones as you want to increase your earnings.

You have to install the crypto tab VPN and use the free option to start mining

Referring people helps to boost your mining hash-rate

You can also mine on your PC

You can withdraw your earnings to any bitcoin wallet or exchange. I use localbitcoins because its easier to trade and receive cash in your Mpesa

Social media Apps that pay money in Kenya

18. Youtube

If you haven’t realized it yet, many Kenyans have started investing in YouTube. Some are making reality shows, others comedy, others travel vlogs and some are making tutorials. You can do anything that you love doing and finally gain popularity and start getting paid. Besides, it’s easy to start and you can start with the materials that you have.

19. Facebook

Facebook has always been in competition with Google when it comes to retaining users on its platforms. Recently Facebook introduced its partner program which pays content creators depending on the impressions. However, you need to meet its requirements just like youtube. Start by creating a Facebook and sharing original video content to qualify for facebook monetization. In addition, when you garner enough followers you can approach different brands to endorse them on your page at a small fee.

20. Instagram

Influencer marketing is overtaking the traditional modes of marketing. Instagram is the leading platform when it comes to influencer marketing. Celebs make millions of dollars by just posting a single story for 24 hours only. Although it’s not easy to get a huge following like the IG models and sportspeople, you can create a theme page and win some sponsorship deals. Theme pages on Instagram refer to the pages that only create content about a specific niche only. For example, a survival theme page can advertise products that help in surviving.

Drop-Shippers often pay theme pages to advertise their products. You can advertise for them or start a dropshipping business to diversify your earnings. Apparently, these pages tend to get thousands of followers fast compared to personal accounts. Besides, you can build theme pages and sell them late once they get a huge following.

21. TikTok

TikTok is here to stay. Just recently a real Estate agent sold $5.2 million by inviting TikTokers to create content about the house. Many companies are starting to focus their strategies on TikTok.

22. Twitter

If you have a huge following on Twitter then you can make some money by advertising for companies on the platform. You can also approach different brands to be their social media manager and get paid at the comfort of your house. Many folks manage social media accounts for multiple brands full-time.

Final Thoughts

You can make money online using any of the above-tested methods. However, you need to learn some of the tricks others are using to make money. Do not be gullible and do your own research to be successful on the above platforms. Goodluck.

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