8 Best B- (Minus) courses in Kenya 2021

8 Best B- (Minus) courses in Kenya 2024

Having attained a B- (minus) in KCSE enables you to choose from a wide variety of courses that are not only marketable but satisfyingly paying. These programs are offered in leading institutions of higher learning in the country. You will therefore make your choices via Kenya Universities and College Placement Service (KUCCPS). It is also important to consider choices that appeal to your strength and personal ability. This article has got you covered if you are looking for courses to choose from with a B-(minus).

1. Nursing

It is the study of science and the principles of nursing. This program takes a minimum of 4years in an accredited tertiary education provider. Nursing is a widely marketable course that prepares nurses for a variety of professional roles. These include leadership, research, nursing science, and related areas. The course offers opportunities for career advancement and higher salary options. Nurses have very important roles in clinics, hospitals, and private practices. Even though nurses are more than doctors, the career is highly marketable as there are many hospitals in the country in need of nursing professionals.


  • English or Kiswahili C+ (plus)
  • Physics or Mathematics C+ (plus)
  • Any Biological Sciences and Chemistry C+ (plus)

2. Education Science

This is a degree awarded to students who complete the 4-5 year course study in science. They mostly focus on major or minor Mathematics, Physics, Biology, and Chemistry. The students graduate to be eligible teachers of these subjects in High School or, after further studies, become lecturers at the universities and colleges. Bachelor of Education Science is a highly marketable course in the country due to the government’s efforts to encourage students to study STEM subjects. The new curriculum also identifies STEM subjects in Lower and Senior Secondary schools in the country, hence making these subjects a very important profession.


Mean grade of C+ (plus) at KCSE with a minimum grade of C+ (plus) or equivalent in two science subjects of choice.

3. Physical Therapy

This is a non – clinical course since it deals with physical exercises, remedies, and types of medications needed while caring for sick individuals. The program takes a minimum of four years. It produces optimal health by providing services that develop and maintain maximum movement for people at any stage of their life. Physical therapists are doctors but not physicians. The course is also greatly marketable due to the growing number of hospitals and people seeking this professional assistance.


  • A minimum grade of C+ (plus), but preferably B- (minus)
  • C+ (plus) in Biology, Mathematics, Physics, English, or Kiswahili

4. Computer Science

Professionals in this field deal with a software system, unlike a computer engineer. The course covers important computer science topics, including coding, programming languages, networking, database, mathematics, statistics, and electronics. This course requires many analytical skills, and students who pursue it are respected due to its lucrative career options. The course is ideal for students who enjoy mathematics and problem-solving. Careers in this field are in high demand. The course takes four years but well worth the investment. One can also employ themselves and get outsourced by big organizations and companies.


  • B+ (plus) in either Mathematics or Physics
  • Minimum of C+ (plus) in Physical or Biological Sciences
  • C+ (plus) in English or Kiswahili

5. Real Estate Management

The course focuses on the fundamentals of trade in local and international housing associations and also real estate. It is an opportunity to learn strategic management and real estate finance. Therefore, students interested in these skills must invest their time and energy in acquiring this degree. Most of the sectors in real estate are in demand. This is because people are looking for office spaces in cities and other urban areas for investment; hence, a real estate manager’s skills come in handy. The career opportunities in this field of study mostly include auctioneers, buyer’s agents, business brokers, and property managers.


  • Aggregate Grade of B- (minus)
  • C+ (plus) in Mathematics, Physics or any Group 2, 3 or 4 subjects

6. Animal Science

This is one of the most marketable programs in the country due to the increase in the use of animal products. It is designed to give students fundamental knowledge and skills in physiology, nutrition, breeding, and animal health in general. A student can major in zoology, veterinary, and food industry sector in this course. A degree in animal science can lead you to interesting companies and rewarding careers you will enjoy working in. a bachelor’s degree program takes four years.

  • Requirements
  • B-(minus) aggregate grade
  • C+ (plus) in Mathematics, Biology, Business Studies, and Agriculture

7. Dental Surgery

This is one of the best B- (minus) courses in Kenya, which is quite marketable. The program takes a minimum of 5years. Upon graduation, a student becomes a dental surgeon. The program covers various aspects of dental problems and surgery in the same field. This is the highest paid career in the medical field. The demand for surgeons also grows, and this is due to the growing importance of dental hygiene. More and more people are seeking out dental care. While one can work in a governmental hospital or a private one, you can also open your consultation dental clinic, hence earn an extra coin.


  • B+ (plus) in Biology/ Chemistry and either Mathematics or Physics
  • B+ (plus) in Kiswahili/ English
  • 40 weighted cluster points

8. Aerospace Science

This course contributes to the acquisition of scientific skills and knowledge to the design, manufacture, and operation of aircraft. It takes a minimum of 4-5 years. This is an ideal choice if you love science and mathematics. Careers in this field include data processing managers, aerospace technicians, mechanical engineers, and many more. The aviation industry is ever short of these technicians. Thus this is a marketable course.


  • Minimum of B- (minus) in Physics or Mathematics
  • C+ (plus) in English and Geography/Chemistry
  • The above courses come in handy when making course choices via KUCCPS after attaining the B- (minus) grade in KCSE. All the best as you purpose to select your courses.

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