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Best marketable Courses in Kenya 2023

The best courses in Kenya are very competitive. Students have to ensure that they go for the highest grades in the K.C.S.E exams to secure a slot in the respective universities and colleges offering these courses. However, this has never been easy as the slots are few and scrambled. Hence, every student in the candidate class has to identify his/her passion and put their best foot forward to achieve this. Again, the job market in Kenya is squeezed, this means that if you have to land on a good job, your course must be marketable too. Thanks to devolution which has created job opportunities for most graduates and availed the unemployed population with increased chances of employment following a successful application. Again, most of these best courses fall into two categories; Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)and Business. Now, let’s take a closer look at the top courses in Kenya, offered at different universities across the country.

1. Computer science/IT

With the current revolutionary trends and advancement in the Technological world around the globe, every company has incorporated technology in their systems. This has prompted gaps in these sectors thus need to employ Computer Science experts to fuel these process. All these factors make Computer Science and Information Technology prime courses in the country. Besides, these computer geeks don’t necessarily need to be employed, for they can develop their own web-hosted companies. It only takes creative-thinking and problem-solving skills.

2. Pharmacy

Over the years, the country’s Health Sector has been faced with a couple of issues, rendering it downbound. Thanks to the devolved governance that kicked off the Universal Health Coverage (UHC). This has facilitated the growth of pharmaceuticals in the country, aimed at improving the country’s medical care up to the most remote areas. Hence the increased demand for experts in this field, making Pharmacy one of the most craved-for courses in the country. This is just the tip of an iceberg, as these graduates can run their pharmacies too.

3. Medicine and Surgery.

Medicine and Surgery have for a long time been every student’s dream course. This makes it super- competitive and only the top students get to pursue Medicine in the university. As a result, most of the available employment gaps in the Health Sector end up unexploited. Thus Medicine is a very marketable course that can guarantee you employment right after attaining a Bachelor’s degree at the university.

4. Business

Business is undoubtedly one of the best courses in Kenya today. Nearly everything, ranging from banking, companies, real estate, Trading links to importation/exportation, revolves around Business. Everyone is trying to get their companies running on the best terms and most importantly making enormous profits. This calls for in-depth knowledge in Business and virtually anything matters business. Regardless of whether you have to deal with well-established Business practices or SMEs, the concept is the same, branded business skills. With professional qualifications in the Business World, the opportunities for grabbing a fantastic job are endless.

5. Architecture

Kenya’s real estate is massively gaining popularity, with almost 75% of the urban planning already gobbled up with an extensive array of buildings. Most of which are either malls, residential facilities, or business offices. With all these developments, Architecture is crowned one of the top courses herein. Again, Kenya is among the developing countries, therefore, there’s a lot to expect from these young and innovative architects.

6. Digital Marketing

More often than not, most university graduates end up completely failing to secure jobs in their respective courses. Fact, none of them can agree to settle for menial jobs in the market. This calls for an alternative that’s always a go-eazy for any graduate driven by passion. Digital Marketing is the best alternative for this matter. It requires less input and the output is always welcoming. Sure thing, Digital Marketing is a course that’s worth every penny, considering that nearly 90% of the world’s population has an access to the internet. Save for a massive percentage of the population that owns mobile phones. So instead of one going for a less marketable course, Digital Marketing should suffice. Opportunities are infinite. For instance, one can be an online freelancer and a whole range of admirable jobs. This course is versatile and a sure course to dive into.

7. Nursing

Nursing goes hand in hand with Pharmacy and Medicine, for they correlate. This fact is intuitive and comprehensible beyond reason. Nursing continues to be one of the top courses in the country. Nurses are the core of any medical facility and in most cases, their number is slightly bigger than that of doctors for a given Healthcare unit. Undeniably, other than being a quality course, nursing is also very marketable in Kenya. The demand-supply chain for Nursing is regulated too, as only competent candidates get to pursue it in the varsity.

8. Statistics

Statistics is populated in our day to day activities. Almost everything in the world revolves around this concept of statistics. Well, Kenya is one country that implements the ideologies incorporated in this course. Worth mentioning is, Statistics is also embedded in a wide range of other fields of study, a good example could be Quantity Survey. This makes Statistics one of the most instrumental courses in the country. It’s a course worth your efforts, go for it.

9. Software Engineering(Web Design)

Web development has over the years gained popularity and as expected, it’s comprehension guarantees you a lucrative opportunity tied to this amazing Technology. Making it more diverse is app development and Software accruing. This has propagated a whole new level of ultra-fine technology build around programming languages bearing clean syntax. With Python, JavaScript, C++, and other programming languages being sold in millions around the globe, Software Engineering has become a top pursued course around the world. As such, Kenya, as a developing country and flexible in its own way, has created more employment opportunities for software engineers. At least with an aim of making technological revolutions, and who knows? Kenya can become a superpower!!

Conclusively, the best courses are very competitive. So anyone who craves for any of these courses has to give it all and aim for the stars. Remember, these courses are worth your time and effort, however engaging they may seem. Notably, there are marketable too, and you can take my words to the bank, you’ll never “tarmac” after successfully acquiring a degree in one of these fields. Most of the jobs you’ll ever land on, are best paying and requires a smart mind.No intense physical input, or return engagements.

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