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Best Saccos in Kenya

SACCO is an acronym for Savings and Credit Co-operative, which is a form of co-operative offering financial services with a significant focus on the mobilization of funds and provision of affordable credit to its members who are both the owners and users.

Saccos in Kenya are versatile. They are developed on an algorithm similar to the banking arena. Well, did you just get a gig and you’re minting some cash? The immediate idea that pops up is starting a savings account with your trusted bank or you can invest with a Sacco of your choice or both. In that accord, you need to understand the best Saccos in Kenya that’ll fine-tune your modest investments into some good cash worth mentioning amidst your peers.

When all becomes a done deal, members can be able to borrow at affordable terms that were collectively developed by them through the elected directors. Again, there are well-laid payment periods, within which the loans ought to be settled. It’s always a good practice to observe the stipulated terms.

Now let’s take a rigorous look at some of the best Saccos in Kenya.


It was formally known as Muramati Sacco and its roots are traced to Murang’ a county. It’s one of the best Saccos in Kenya as it offers loans up to 3 times the individual member savings. Again, it allows 72 months for the repayment of the loans. It remains a sought after Sacco by small investors owing to its lenient interest rates of between 1% and 1.5% charged every month.Worth mentioning is, rumors have it that it could be converted into an experienced bank. Hence there is every reason for it to be included in this listing.

2.Imarika SACCO

It was initially referred to as Kilifi Teachers Sacco before being rebranded to Imarika Sacco. It was also only open for the coastal people but since then it has grown nationwide and any Kenyan citizen can now join the Sacco.

It allows it’s members to borrow to a maximum of 2 times the amount they saved with 60 months within which they are required to settle the loan. Their interest rates are 1.25% per month on a normal loan.

3.Kenya Police SACCO

This Sacco has a large membership number exceeding the 50,000 marks. It’s an idea put to work by Kenya Police Staff back in 1972 with an initial aim of boasting towering headquarters in the Ngara area of the Nairobi metropolitan. It’s now open to all despite its initial terms that only allowed members of the security forces to join.

They offer loans 3 times the savings amount on an annual rate of 13.5 % charged on a reducing balance algorithm. The repayment period is 48 months.

4.Harambee SACCO

The goal of Harambee Sacco is pooling together resources for the common benefit of its members. Owing to this, it offers a solid foundation for any small entrepreneur. Members are allowed to borrow a maximum of 3 times their savings amount on a 1% monthly interest rate. The money should be repaid for not more than a period of 48 months after the loan is offered. Enrollment is open to any Kenyan but there are some policies to be met for the go-ahead.

5.Hazina SACCO

Hazina Sacco is a deposit-taking society established in 1971. It has a rich success story and a current active member figure of about 15,000. Distinctively, the Sacco focuses on the county and national government employees, organized youth/women groups, and private sector employees. Members enjoy loans 3.5 times the value of their savings,1% monthly interest rate, and a repayment schedule of 72 months.

6.Waumini SACCO

It was established by the Catholic Church of Kenya and it’s solely aimed at the members of the congregation. It has a solid financial foundation and a nationwide presence. Its terms allow for the members to borrow thrice the value of their savings on an annual interest rate of 12.5% and a repayment plan of 60 months.

7.Ekeza SACCO

Ekeza Sacco is aimed at providing its members with opportunities of investing in assets like land, houses, and apartments. With an asset base of Ksh.20 Billion, Ekeza is financially stable and offers good investment plans. As members can open a variety of accounts ranging from personal to joint accounts. It offers competitive loans and lenient payment plans that don’t frustrate its members. Eliza is free to end and anyone can be a member after successfully consenting to its membership policies and other terms of conduct.

8.Stima SACCO

Stima Sacco is embedded in a mobile banking system that makes it convenient for a couple of occasions. It was created in 1974 and has registered successful business operations in the course of it’s run time. With 5 branches across the country, it’s growth is increasing steadily. Members borrow twice their savings and are exposed to a monthly charge of 1% on a reducing balance basis. They can repay in 60 months.

9.Maisha Bora SACCO

It began in 1974 by a group of Unilever Factory workers as a small financial holder. It has defeated the test of time and it remains one of the best Saccos in Kenya. The monthly interest rate on the reducing balance is 1%. Offering a repayment period of up to 72 months, Maisha Bora is stable and has attracted small investors all over the country. One can borrow 3 times their savings amount and anyone can join the Sacco at will.

10.K-Unity SACCO

It was formally registered in 1974 and most of its dealings have been a success. Until now, the core of its operations is in Kiambu and Nairobi although it’s open to all after a successful vetting against their membership policy before being admitted. They offer loans 4 times the value of the savings under a 1% monthly interest rate on the reducing balance. The repayment period spans to 36 months.

You now have a slight idea that’ll influence your future decision of whether or not to join a given Sacco. You must have realized that the best-managed Saccos in Kenya safeguard the interests of their stakeholders and provide them with avenues to advance their wealth with minimal risk. Well, this is just what these best Saccos in the country do. A sure thing to check out, and you’ll have every reason to smile. Remember, always be cautious and heed to the postulated terms and conditions.

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