10 Best polytechnics in Kenya and their contacts

10 Best Polytechnics in Kenya and their contacts

There is still hope for those who may have not qualified to join a degree course in any university as various polytechnics are available to ensure you achieve your dreams and are at par excellence! Here is a list of the best polytechnics in Kenya.


Kisumu National Polytechnic is situated in Kisumu city, which is in Kisumu County. It has been in existence for a long period since 1996, serving the people of the lake region very well. They also have various courses that they offer which will make the student graduate with a certificate up to a diploma.

Kisumu National Polytechnic: 0723 446 773 Email: info@Kisumupoly.ac.ke


Eldoret National Polytechnic is located in Eldoret along Eldoret-Kapsabet road. They offer a variety of course which will build the student. Impressively, they have an elegant library that gives one ample time to study and ensure they score higher in their academic journey. Moreover, their e-learning system is also on another level as they give nothing but the best.

Eldoret National Polytechnic contacts: 0714 871 685/0738 092 126 Email: eldopoly@africaonline.co.ke P.o Box 4461-30100, Eldoret, KENYA. Fax: 053 203 31 88.


Kabete National Polytechnic has located in Nairobi along Waiyaki Way road. It started many years back in 1924, and it has grown to be the top cream of the best polytechnics. They offer various courses, from artisan certificates to diploma courses. It has a large population of more than 13500 students and over 200 qualified lecturers devoted to their work; furthermore, they have hostels for both boys and girls separated to facilitate their accommodation. The school also collaborates with good examiners like KASNEB, among others.

Kabete National Polytechnic contacts: 0713 338 683 Email: info@kabetenationalpolytechnic.ac.ke


Meru National Polytechnic is located in Meru town and is of great help to students from the Eastern region and also those in Nairobi, among other places. It is devoted to giving the youth the very best in their academic journey as it has about 8000 students where they offer courses: As of now, it has 3 Higher National Diploma Courses, over 25 competitive Diploma courses, 31 Craft certificate courses, and 6 Artisan courses it is among the first in Kenya to become a TVET CDACC examination centre (for CBET courses).

Meru National Polytechnic contacts: 0719 347059 (registrar)/ 0742 428095 (customer service)


Mombasa National Polytechnic is located in Mombasa along Kisauni road; this is found in the coastal areas. It has earned great recognition due to its excellence in the faculty and the diversity of its programmes. It is also among the few national polytechnics that provide part-time studies for their students, like those in the working class arena and are still determined to pursue various courses. The school has also heavily invested in their infrastructure to ensure it is at its best. The school also has medical sciences department where you can take courses such as pharmaceutical technology, medical laboratory technology and more

Mombasa National Polytechnic contacts: 0712 725554/0710389727


It was upgraded from Nyeri Technical Institute in 2016 to be Nyeri National polytechnic by the Ministry of Education. It has recorded significant growth and is today one of the topmost polytechnics in Kenya. It offers courses like; Analytical Chemistry, Food Science Technology, Automotive Engineering, Applied Biology, Environmental Sciences, Civil Engineering, fashion design, Pharmacy, and more.

Nyeri National Polytechnic contacts: 0724 477 942 / +254 (061) 2032330


Kisii National polytechnic is located in Kisii. It offers over 50 programs in Mechanical Engineering, Health Sciences, Applied Sciences, Business Studies, Computer Studies, Electrical Electronics Engineering, Communication and Development Studies, Institutional Management, Building &Civil Engineering, Agriculture &Environmental Sciences. It also has a vast land to facilitate a good spacing for the students furthermore they offer courses from the artisan level to diploma level.

Kisii National Polytechnic contacts:0700152177/0752031300


Sigalagala National Polytechnic has located in Kakamega along Kisumu – Kakamega road. It trains to form 4 leavers in various courses, ranging from artisan courses to diploma courses. It works in connection with TVET CDACC

You can take the following courses in SIGALAGALA:

  • Cartography, printing & records
  • Masonry
  • Painting
  • Building inspectorate
  • Plumbing
  • Carpentry and Joinery
  • Steel fixing
  • Interior design
  • Estate management
  • Auto cad
  • Safety officers
  • Biogas plant construction
  • Solar water heating

Sigalagala National Polytechnic Contacts: 0726 806105/ 0736101803


North Eastern National Polytechnic is located in Garissa. It mainly concentrates on the diploma and certificate courses as the diploma is the bread’s butter. It also offers part-time courses like beauty and hairdressing. Moreover, it has partnered with other institutions like KATTI(Kenya Association of Technical Training Institution). Concerning the school’s security, it has established a police post within the institution to enhance maximum security, and a well-founded stone wall has been constructed to protect all and sundry. The crème Dela crème of this all is that it has the most affordable fees among all polytechnics.

North Eastern Province National Polytechnic contacts: +254716 061788


The Kitale National Polytechnic is located in Kitale town and has been in existence since 1980. it is considered the leading polytechnic in the country and considered the King of sports as it performs extremely well in sporting activities like hockey. Moreover, it has also been ranked the best in music and drama festivals, taking position 1 in Kenya. If you are looking for a place to boost your talent, then Kitale polytechnic is the place to be! In terms of education, it has nine departments, including agriculture, business, electrical, ICT, liberal studies, Hospitality, Math and Applied sciences, Building/civil engineering, and mechanical & automotive engineering. Kitale National Polytechnic will not only steer your academic journey, but also it can boost your talent, whether in terms of sporting activities or the music arena. The administration will ensure you are moulded well into a responsible adult who is academically, socially with good behaviour.

Kitale National Polytechnic contacts: +0721 379304 / 0780 379304



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