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Best D- minus courses in Kenya

The results were just released for our class of 2020 in their Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education, and the students reaped what they soared. For those who did not perform well, it’s not the end of the road; there’s more to life than having excellent grades. It doesn’t matter the grade that you got but how you will maximize the grade and the power to believe in yourself regardless of the situation. For those who scored D- this list will help you to be able to identify courses that you can handle with ease and drastically excel in them. The best thing is that you can start from arts, certificate, diploma, degree, masters, and even PhD. What will distinguish you from the rest is your hard work and passion in the career.


With the current society, a course in fashion and design is of great help as most people want to look elegant in their dressing and fashion sense. They tend to look for people who will help them achieve this look with ease, and that’s where those individuals who have studied fashion and design come in handy as they are considered great help. Moreover, with the increased modelling of individuals in the country, what most models need is a good fashion and design stylist to be able to be at their best and provide the requirements like outfits to propel their talent to the next level.


Urbanization is on the rise, and many individuals build modernized houses, be it for renting or for personal usage. All the houses require painting to make the houses more appealing. Thus, one who has studied this course will be highly needed in the construction arena to paint and bring out the best. .If you are passionate about art, you can also pursue this course and use your art in painting. Artists are also needed in many areas, e.g. in museums or schools. Paint artists are usually needed to draw institutional structures like maps, among others and in the end, they end up being well paid.


Water is an essential item that everyone in society needs. Thus, whenever there’s anything that is hindering clean water or transportation, water has to be dealt with immediate effect, and this is where our plumbers come in. When you take a course in plumbing, you will be educated on how to repair broken water pipes and how to connect them effectively. Therefore, whenever there’s an issue that needs to be sorted concerning broken pipes, plumbers will always be consulted and called to come to solve the issue.

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With the increased development we all are looking forward to having the best furniture in schools, offices or homes. When you pursue a carpentry course, you will be impacted by how to make the best furniture. This course is highly paying as you will find that in most cases beds, chairs, cupboards, tables, desks among others are quite expensive for the Carpenters who have mastered their job and provide the best out of their work. They tend to sell some chairs like the most common L-seats will be sold for around Ksh. Thirty thousand isn’t that impressive? If you are passionate about carpentry, then go ahead and pursue this course as it will never fail you.


We all crave to be at our best, to look beautiful/ handsome. A course in beauty and hairdressing is very marketable as one may choose where to specialize, whether in beauty or hairdressing. Those who choose hairdressing are well trained to plait excellent styles and of different types. They are also trained on how to shave and give a good after service treatment. Most spas are on the increase, and they look for those who have pursued this course so that they can work for them. For instance, the Betty Flair Spa, which the famous Betty Kyalo owns, has employed many individuals who have pursued this course. It has employed starting from those who have specified in nail polishing to those who offer massages among other things and in the end they are heavily paid. Like any other job in this arena, if you are passionate and give it 100% concentration, you may excel as you can be called to give services to celebrities. Whether design, shaving or other services which in the end you will be paid handsomely.


Cosmetology is the study of cosmetics. It deals with makeup stuff; a study in this course lets the students know how to use various cosmetics to the right individual based on their skin types. Ladies are the ones who have the lion’s share of benefiting from this course since they can be easily advised on what products to use and what not to us. This job is clearly visible in the journalism sector, where the news anchor is usually groomed, and their makeup is usually on point; all this is due to the courtesy of cosmetology.


If you pursue this course, you may end up in positions like a chef, event manager, catering manager, hotel manager or even a conference centre manager. In this course, the student will be taught how to cook and prepare a variety of meals. The best thing about this course is that it is practicable and you can employ yourself.


In this course, you are taught how to serve in classy hotels and serve clients with both foods and beverages professionally. This will ensure maximum customer satisfaction since it is a skill you can go and start your services by being self-employed.


This course enables one to specialize in his/ her welding and fabrication skills where they repair machines like those from gyms, farming, and transportation, among others. The knowledge equipped opens up the student’s mind so that they can handle when the jobs are assigned to them.


Being a civil engineer deals with working in construction industries and overseeing how the construction takes place as you direct since you have specialized in building structures, both buildings and infrastructure. Civil engineering is very marketable, thus provided one work smart in their work, they are credited to excel.

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