Best D plain courses in Kenya

12 Best D plain courses in Kenya 2024

You didn’t manage to get university grades, but you are looking for a good course? Worry less. Nowadays, several TVETS will enable you to pursue the career of your dreams. You can still be employed and successful than those who scooped university. With a D plain, there are several courses you can pursue. Therefore, you’ll need to be wise when selecting and join others outside there who managed in life with a D plain. Surprisingly, some of the students who scored this grade earn more than those who have degrees. Who said that scoring a D plain is guaranteed to fail in life. Don’t fall for such; take your time and read through the following courses that we have selected for you.

1. Certificate in electrical and electronics engineering

You can pursue this course if you are passionate about it. You will work in several firms, for example, utilities like Kenya power, telecommunication and IT. Currently, electronic products are part of our lives; hence, you won’t lack what to do unless you are lazy. You can enroll on some of the TVETS as most of them offer this course.

2. Certificate in welding and fabrication

This is another marketable course in Kenya. You can be a welder and enjoy vast fields to secure a job. You can work in fields like transportation, aerospace, commercial farming, recreation, health (gym), etc. Fabricator/ welder also works in building bridges, buildings, machines, and bicycles. Therefore, you can make this course your first choice if you have an entrepreneurial mind. You can pursue this course in most middle-level TVETS like Kisumu national polytechnic and Nairobi TTI.

3. Certificate in building and technology

This course will enable you to multi-task as a carpenter and masonry. The moment you gain experience, you’ll earn a good income. If you are strategic enough, you’ll even earn more than a banker. Hopefully, you are a site manager or independent contractor with time. If you look forward to taking this course, you can enroll in any Kenyan colleges that offer artisans. Those colleges include Chuka technical, Mathenge technical, Mukurweini technical, and PC Kinyanjui.

4. Certificate in mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering deals with the design, installation, development, operation, installation, and maintenance of movable parts of industrial and machineries. You can work in several firms like automotive, energy, construction, and sports.

The course can be pressured in most TVETS in Kenya, such as rift valley institute of technology, Kabete polytechnic, and keini technical tvc.

5. Certificate in construction plant mechanics

This course deals with the maintenance of heavy machinery such as diggers and dumper trucks. You will be working on construction sites by inspecting machine parts like gearboxes, engine, servicing, identifying, repairing/replacing fault parts.

You can find this D course in several Kenyan polytechnics like Kisii national polytechnic and Nyeri national polytechnic.

6. Certificate in science lab technician

This is a medical course that is open to those who scooped a D plain. In this course, you’ll deal with complex analytical procedures in labs. Depending on where you’ll be working, you can participate in laboratory investigations within the physical, biological, chemical, and life science sectors.

You can pursue this career at Thika Technical institute, Nyeri national polytechnic, and debate the national polytechnic.

7. Certificate in food, beverage production, and services.

This course deals with training students on producing and serving beverages and food professionally in five-star hotels. Other roles are to ensure customer support plus how to manage and order inventories.

If you are looking forward to taking this course, you can join top institutions, for example, Amboseli institute and Utalii college.

8. Certificate in catering and accommodation

A certificate in this course will give you a chance to be employed in restaurants, bars, hotel chains, Conference Centers and more. You work as a;

  • Chef
  • Catering manager
  • Event manager
  • Hotel manager
  • Conference Center supervisor

You can learn this course in top colleges such as Utalii college and other private institutions like NIBS.

9. Certificate in fashion design and clothing technology

As a fashion designer, you’ll need to be creative to succeed in your career. You’ll take part in knitwear, fashion buying, merchandising, and clothing technology in this career. Apart from being employed, you can come up with your commercial fashion line. Like many best D courses, it can be pursued in several TVET colleges in the country. This course is also offered in some of the best private institutions specialized in fashion design, for example, the mensal school of fashion and design.

10. Certificate in hairdressing and beauty therapy

Professionals in beauty therapy offer face and body treatments; hence customers can look and feel great. On the other hand, hairdressers deals with cut, straighten, color, wave, style, and treat hair. This industry is growing daily; hence, hairdressers and therapists have high chances of securing a place in the job market. You can also opt to start your own business to provide these services. Therefore, this is a great industry you can target.

11. Certificate in business management

You can get a certificate in this career within a year. You will then look forward to being employed as a business administrator, marketers, human resource managers, and financial managers. Some students can also further their study and diploma, advanced diploma, and finally bachelor of business administration or commerce. This course is offered in several higher learning institutions like the tropical college of management, Nairobi institute of business study, and Ricatti business college.

12. Certificate in security management

If you are interested in things to do with security, you can try this one. It will suit you if you are looking forward to being a law enforcement personnel like security supervisor, security office, and more. Professionals in that course work for executive protection, crime and loss prevention, and also physical security. You can pursue it in several higher institutions like East Africa vision institute, Kenya institute of open learning, Kenya institute of security and criminal justice, and Serein education center, and many more.

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      1. Hi Ibra, I would advise you to go for a technical course. You can always learn journalism on the internet if that is your passion. For example, there are many courses available for video editing, animation, Content writing, Digital Marketing, and so On.

  3. Hello, am interested in electrical and electronics engineering most,, and the same time am also interested very much in technical engineering such as plumbing and welding and fubrigation,,,, plz assist me on what to do and the most marketed one.

  4. Rabecca Anyanga Okhako

    Hello, I got D-plain and am interested in three courses 1: electrical installation ( Power )2: structural engineering 3: mechanical engineering which course is the best for me please.

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    Hello l got a mean grade of D plain and am much interested in Electrical and Electronic Engineering but l didn’t make it in Chemistry and Physic …is it possible for me?

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