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13 Best C – courses in Kenya

If you finished your final exam and are worried about which course to do, you can now smile on your face. With an aggregate of C minus, you can now choose between pursuing a certificate or diploma course of your choice. The good thing is that there are diploma courses programs that pay highly. Students with a C minus can now do some of the best Kenya courses listed below;

Best C- courses to do in Kenya

1. Web and graphic design

Web design course gives one a strong understanding of rules of the graphic design regarding the screen environment. With your Diploma you can now get employed by big companies such as Airtel and Safaricom or you may decide to employ yourself. Many businesses are trying their best to improve their online existence, thus the demand for more experts in this field. This course is appropriate for the upcoming web design,

Requirements are; C minus in English or Kiswahili or to score a C minus in any two subjects, the aggregate grade of C minus, and lastly, computer studies is a must.

2. Tourism management

Tourism management is a course that prepares students to be working in tourism industries in areas such as hospitality, travel, and tourism. This program provides students with the knowledge and gives them an understanding of how the tourism business operates, the behavior of tourists, and the effect that tourism has on culture, countries together with the environment. Do you love tourism? If yes, then this is your chance to pursue a course in tourism with a C minus. This program remains to be one of the most marketable in Kenya. You can pursue your tourism course at Kenyatta University since it’s the best. In Kenya, there are many tourist attraction sites; after your graduation, you will get a well-paying job.

Requirements are; get a C plain either in Geography, Biology, History, Business, English, Foreign language, Biological sciences, computer. C plain in mathematics.

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3. Accounting and finance

This is a course that teaches the principle of accounting and finance practices. When you learn this course, one acquires skills that go in hand with procedures of accounting standards and financial analysis. Accountants and financial experts will always be needed in our corporate world. Thus, in this present job market, it’s one of the diploma programs that are highly marketable.

Requirements are; D-in Kiswahili or English, D- in mathematics.

4. Purchasing and supplies

This is one of the rapidly growing professions because it is one of the best programs in our country. The experts in this field earn a good sum of salary as they work for some of the big companies in Kenya.

Requirements are; C – aggregate, D + in math or Accounting, English, commercial or Business. The duration is 24 months.

5. Human resource management

Human resource management is concerned with the management of people in an organization or a company in that they help their business to gain more products. The interest of this program is to manage people within a company, and focus on policy and systems. Departments of human resources are the ones responsible for recruiting employees, performance appraisal, training and

Development, together with reward management. As you decide to do this course, you should know that the main role of human resources is to enable an organization to be able to get success from the people. For any organization or company, the important decision-makers are the expertise in Human resources. Thus no company or organization can survive without the services offered by these professionals.

Requirements are; c- and above.

6.  Hospitality

In this course, learners get to know the principles together with the techniques used in the production of cakes. Emphasis will dwell on the identification of ingredients, mixing, function, baking, and storage of products. Upon completion of this course, students should be able to know ingredients and their function and also to understand the needs of their customers. Nowadays, the demand for cakes has gone up compared to the past years. On occasions such as graduation, wedding, birthdays, there must be a cake cutting. No no need to be employed as you can think of starting up your own bakery and you will end up getting a livelihood from it.

Requirements; being able to write and read in English.

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7. Project management/monitoring and evaluation

In Kenya, many people have gone for this program; you can be lucky to secure a job in one of the NGOs such as AMREF and World vision. Each NGO can carry out a project; thus, this calls out for evaluation and monitoring. The best places to pursue your Diploma are the Kenya Institute of Management or the Jomo Kenyatta University of Technology.

Requirements are; English D plain and D+ in math/Business/Accounting/Economics/Commerce.

8. Interior Design

In the past years, this course was never marketable because people did not love creative, designed houses and homes. Lately, companies, homes, offices, and entertainment joints need the services offered by such interior designers.

Requirements are; mean grade of C-

9. Sales and marketing

At the entry level, one doesn’t earn more. The more experience you gain in the field, you will get more commission together with promotions and also your salary will be increased.

Requirements are; D + in Math/Business/Accounting/Economics/Commerce+ in English.

10. Journalism and mass communication

Media presenters earn a lot of income; most of them only have a diploma. As long as you are talented and have a passion for your journalism course, you will enjoy your salary monthly.

Requirements are; C plain Kiswahili or English.

11. Automotive engineering

This program enables students to acquire skills that will help them be able to tackle tasks in vehicle industries and other related fields; also, the transactions are prepared for additional training.

Requirements are; KCSE aggregate of C-, at least C- in mathematics, physics, and English

12. Diploma in sales and marketing

This program equips learners with relevant skills that help them in evaluating and implementing a marketing plan to enable an organization to achieve its goal by stimulating the function of sales and customer relations.

Requirements are; aggressive of C-, D+ in math/accounting/Business/commerce/Economics and English,

13. Certificate in food production

This course is highly marketable because there is an increase in the number of hotels and restaurants. This is a department in the hospital where learners get to know a different aspects of the production of food, e.g. cooking methods, preparation techniques, and kitchen

Management. Candidates who wish to get a job in this field should be focused so as to get the needed skills in this field.

Requirements are; aggregate of C- in KCSE, C- in English+ in Home science/mathematics

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