How to get free data and internet in kenya

14 ways to get free internet data in Kenya

Buying internet bundles has become somewhat difficult and expensive. Today am going to share with you how you can get free bundles. I am going to focus on three popular networks in Kenya, namely Safaricom, Airtel, and Telkom. Some offers will require you to have a new line, while a good number are accessible with any line. Without wasting time, let me show you how you can get free bundles in Kenya.

This is a popular network in the country. This popular network has tried its best to attract more customers. You can get free internet in Safaricom through the following procedures;
1. When you purchase a new line

Safaricom offers free 200mbs daily to every new line. You can consider purchasing your new line to get free internet bundles. The 200mbs are offered daily for a period of one month.
2. Downloading the Mpesa app

Safaricom will give you free 500mbs when you download the Mpesa app for the first time. It used to give 1 GB bundles but was reduced to 500mbs. However, they have included a free 100 shillings alongside the free 500 MBS. You can download the app today and opt-in to receive the bundles.
3. Free education bundles

Suppose you are looking for bundles to access education materials. You can get free education bundles from Safaricom. These bundles were introduced after the outbreak of covid to help learner’s access educational materials from home. To get the bundles, you will not dial *444# or *555# like the previous day’s. You will dial*544# then select option 14. You will receive free 100 MBs to access education on the site you would have selected, for instance, bundles for shupavu or Longhorn.
4. Free YouTube bundles

Safaricom also offers free 100 MBs for YouTube. You will dial*544# then select free 100 MBs for YouTube. You will receive free YouTube bundles, which last for one hour.
5. Free birthday bundles

Every Safaricom users have an equal chance of receiving birthday bundles. When your birthday is closer, make sure your Safaricom line is active on your phone and wait for the free 1 GB birthday bundles.

This is another top network in Kenya where you can receive free bundles. You can get a Telkom line for free and enjoy the offers provided by this great network. You will receive free bundles through;
1. Purchasing a new line

When you buy a new Telcom line, you will be given free 50 MBs daily for one month plus free WhatsApp. Make sure you purchase at the right seller who will activate this offer for you.
2. Enjoy Madaraka free bundles for life

Telkom has made internet bundles very cheap. You can’t imagine how Telkom will provide free lifetime internet bundles with little investment. Madaraka life data plan allows you to get 1 GB with 100 minutes per month. Interestingly, you are only required to pay 100 shillings to activate this offer. Make sure you have activated your T-Kash, then dial (*444*58#) in your Telkom line. The bundles will be renewed each month after paying the 100 shillings.

3. Sign up for the hustler fund

Telkom offers its subscribers 500 mbs for Free after signing up for hustler fund. Just Dial *254# and register for Hustler fund. Once you complete the registration process you will receive the free data within a short time. Note that this offer may change in the future.


Airtel was launched in Kenya in November 2010. The network was once known as Zain before being named Airtel. The network has grown systematically, and today it covers up to about 80% of Kenya’s population. The company is working hard to operate in every part of the country. The following guide will enable you to receive free bundles in your Airtel line;
1. Free bundles for new Airtel numbers

New users will be given free bundles. You can buy your new line to receive the free bundles. Airtel lines are available in the market at zero cost.
2. Installing the Airtel app

Here you will not receive the bundles by just installing the app and waiting for the bundles. Make sure you add your details in the app, including your Airtel number. Make sure your line is on to receive a text message containing a unique code that you’ll use when opting in. After completing the process, you’ll receive free 200mbs.
3. Free good morning bundles

Airtel offers free bundles in the morning between 5 am to 8 am. Any Airtel user has an equal chance of receiving 100 MBs daily between that time. Just. Dial *544# and select option 1 (free 100 mbs<good morning>).


The above procedures will enable you to get free internet bundles in Kenya. However, some networks may develop new offers as some of the mentioned may be subjected to change. You can follow those networks to be updated on any new offer. You can also comment on your views on how one can receive free internet bundles.


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