10 Best Universities in Kenya for Computer Science

10 Best Universities in Kenya for Computer Science

Computer science is one of the most marketable courses in the country. This is mostly due to its high demand in the market and also because of the advancements of technology. The computer and information technology field is expected to grow over the coming years; hence more professionals are required not only in the country but globally. Therefore, one must acquire skills used to develop and analyze software and hardware from the best institution in the country. This article has got you covered on the ten best universities in Kenya to study Computer Science.

1. University of Nairobi

This is among the best universities in East and Central Africa and offers Computer Science taught at the Chiromo Campus. The degree program requires a minimum entry grade of B(-) minus and takes four years of full-time study. Most professionals in the industry have acquired their skills from prestigious institutions. Students are equipped with knowledge in Telecommunication, programming, Software Engineering, BBIT, Computer Engineering, and many more. The four years are carefully structured to ensure that all these disciplines are covered.

2. Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology

This institution is among the best in the country generally. It has also been in existence for a pretty long time. Computer science course is offered in Diploma and degree programs. A certificate in Information Technology is also offered at the institution. To qualify for a degree in Computer Science, they are expected to have scored a minimum of C+ (plus) in KCSE. The course takes four years to ensure all disciplines in Computer Science are covered, including programming, Software Engineering, and Computer Engineering. Graduates get into the job market competent enough to solve technological issues in firms.

3. Kenyatta University

This is one of the top institutions in the country. It is among the oldest as well in Kenya. Kenyatta University offers a Computer Science program under IT and many other courses in this field, including Computer Engineering, BBIT, Telecommunication, and Software Engineering. A minimum of C (+) plus in KCSE is required to qualify for the degree program at the institution. Diploma programs in the field are also offered, accommodating those who qualify and are willing to study the course at whatever program level.

4. Maseno University

The University has grown over the years since its establishment in the year 1991. It is among the best universities in Kenya. It offers Computer Science in the Information Technology field and offers courses such as Computer technology and Computer Engineering. One can therefore choose from a variety of programs in the IT field. The institution also offers degree, Diploma, and certificate programs in the field. The degree course takes four years, which are well structured to cover all disciplines in Computer Science, including both theory and practical studies. Graduates, therefore, become competent professionals in their field of work.

5. Strathmore University

It is among the pioneer universities in Kenya to use ICT. The University offers a wide range of programs in the Computer Science field that include Software Engineering, Database Administration, Computer Engineering, and many more. Learners thus have a wide variety of courses to acquire technological skills from. A minimum grade of B (-) minus is required to qualify for the degree program, which takes an average of 4 years.

6. Africa Nazarene University

This is among the best universities in Kenya that offers competent professionals in Computer Science. The Computer and Information department offer the course. A minimum entry grade of C(+) plus in KCSE is required to qualify for a degree program that takes an average of 4 years. Learners can choose from various courses such as Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, and BBIT in the Computer Information department.

7. United States International University Africa (USIU Africa)

The course is offered under the School of Information Technology in the institution. The program offered at the University requires completion of a common IT core, specialization in different courses of this field, and internship. A total of 4 years is required to finish the course. A learner who qualifies to attain a minimum grade of C (+) plus in KCSE can apply for the degree program.

8. Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology

The University offers a Computer science course under the school of Computing and Informatics. An average grade of C (+) plus in KCSE is required to qualify for the degree in Computer Science at the University. A minimum of 4 years is taken to complete the degree program.

9. Moi University

Computer Science course is offered under the school of computer Informatics in Kericho Campus. This is among the oldest universities in the country. It is also among the best. The school produces experts who are capable of handling hardware and software parts of a computer. Applicants must score a minimum grade of C (+) plus in KCSE and C (+) plus in Mathematics and Physics. The course takes four years.

10. Egerton University

This is among the best universities in the country offering Computer Science courses. Learners are introduced to various programs in the IT field that enable them to acquire skills such as programming, system analysis, and database administration. The course takes four years, and a minimum grade of C(+) is required to pursue the degree program.

It is therefore clear that studying in these top universities will help you build a good career. However, it should be noted that it is not mandatory to study in any of these top universities to be successful in your career. Success in a career depends on individual effort. It is also important to consider taking short courses tailored towards what you want to focus on, in addition to your degree or Diploma, to increase your knowledge, skills, and chances of securing job opportunities.

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