10 Best C plus courses in Kenya

10 best C+ plus courses in Kenya 2024

In Kenya, there are pleasing c plus courses that one can go for since they go in hand with the present job market. The fields are on the market since they got numerous job openings for individually. No need to panic if you scored a c plus in your final exams because you can now do a course of your choice.

List of Kenya best c+ plus courses,

1. Bachelor of Arts in sociology

What can be offered in this program is a combination of human and social knowledge that is needed in attitude formation, policy management, and personal management. Cases in this field that ranges from tribalism, marriages, ethics, child labor, human rights, unemployment and nepotism can be handled by experts in this field. Services offered by such people can be considered being important in our world today, plus aggregate is the requirement needed.

2. Bachelor of Arts in Community Development

The community development program is founded on the truth that the change in human life is a deific mandate that should be undertaken if human dignity is to be reestablished. The goal of this program is the training of high-quality practitioners and community leaders who, in the end, will display skills, attitude and ability to deliver community development concerns that gives power to people for a good living. World Vision is a type of a Non-Governmental Organization that needs experts in such field. This is true since such organizations deal with communities, and this needs someone who is able to address the needs and challenges facing the community.

Requirements are; KCSE aggregate of C+ and C plain in mathematic. Minimum of C plain in English.

3. Bachelor of Education

This program is a professional degree that prepares students for jobs as teachers in different schools. This field is one of the most popular since it has job openings for all. Starting from the TSC to some of the private schools, no one can tarmac as long as you got the right combination of subjects. Kenyatta University offers the best of this program.

Requirements are aggressive of C+ in the carrier subjects.

4. Diploma in Architecture

Architecture should never be ignored since it’s a C+ course. This is true since Kenya is a developing country; there are buildings emerging out on a daily basis. Things can go wrong, and you don’t get employed in the end, you can think of opening up a company of your own where you will earn from the contracts. This course is not yet saturated; thus, there are still chances for architects in Kenya.

Requirements are; you should at least score a C+ in any two of the following subjects (Geography, History, CRE, IRE)

C+ in physics and maths.

5. Early Childhood Studies

It is one of the most marketable courses in Kenya since the experts in it are few. After graduation in Early childhood studies, one can easily get a job. Experts in this field are in high demand. The thing is that parents, together with guardians, are busy working hard to provide the basic needs for their children; thus, they lack enough time to be with their kids. This is where a need arises for people who can take the role of substitute parents and educators. This program is distinguished because its major emphasis is on t first eight years of the children’s lives and the importance of this program is to see the overall development of the child. Students gain the required skills and knowledge.

Requirements are; C plain in Chemistry and History, Geography and CRE or Maths or physics.

C plain in Kiswahili or English.

6. Bachelor of Economics

People will term you as an economist when you finish this degree. Economists get lots of money monthly; the more you gain experience, the higher you get played. One can earn more by working for different firms.

Requirements are as follows; B- in Mathematics, C+ in either Kiswahili or English, C+ in either Chemistry, physics or Biology, C+ in a commercial subject or in humanity.

7. Bachelor of Commerce.

This program is on-demand as it is one of the best; you should note down that this program is only marketable when you combine it with a certificate course like CFA, CPA, CIFA or ACCA. The private and public universities offer this course at the undergraduate level; many students go for this course because there are many companies in our country Kenya which take in graduates of Bachelor of commerce as full-time employees or part-time. Those who complete their course successfully have a greater chance of working in the following careers; credit officers, finance officers, managing directors, finance managers and auditors, among others.

Requirements are; and aggressive of C+ in KCSE, C plain in English and Mathematics.

8. Bachelor of Business Information Communication and Technology (BBIT)

We live in a digital world nowadays; everything you do sounds digital. Simple things such as smart homes require the services of an expert in IT. Competently services of such experts are also needed in Business. When you have a degree in such a field, you are capable of working in many companies and earn a lot of money. Self-employment can work best here in that you open up your own firm.

Requirements are; C plain in English and math.

9. Bachelor of Economics and statistics

The study of this course is important in forecasting, investment decision making, data analysis, and risk and uncertainty assessment of markets. Information collected by these activities is of great importance for managerial of the economy. It’s one of the marketable courses since it’s not a basic one in our country. Being good in physics, math, and Business gives you the best chance to enroll in such a program. It’s evident that companies need to analyze their data from projects.

Requirements are; B plain in Accounting, Economics, commerce, Business studies, C+ in Math, an aggregate of C+ in Mount Kenya University.

10. Bachelor of Arts in Film Production and Animation

This program covers a wide area of film making, including camera operation, screenwriting, production management, editing, directing, concept development and sound design. Students should create their own projects so as to develop relevant skills as producers, directors and editors with the aim of becoming the best filmmaker. Today, TV animations and programs are on the increase. Also, the TV Stations are increasing too. Starting from KTN, Citizen to many more new channels such as Kyeni TV. This trend results in a demand for more experts in this field. Requirements are; C+ in Kiswahili or English.


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