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Best Kenya beaches

Kenya is renowned for its wildlife and national park. Impressively, Kenya has the world’s best beaches. The country has beautiful sand beaches, colorful coral reefs, clear blue water, and more unique features that you can admire for adventure. There are several beaches along the coastline, and they have much to offer. The following are some of the Kenyan best beaches.

1. Diani beach

Diani is the most popular beach in Kenya. The beach has the best features; hence you can enjoy every single moment. Diani is popular for its underwater sandbars, widespread palm vegetation, and coral reefs. The beach is also great for surfing and swimming activities. In case you want to relax, you can relax under the palm tree to avoid the hot Kenyan sun. The beach has bars, beachfront resorts, and restaurants to give you the best services.

2. Nyali beach

Nyali is also among the best beaches in Kenya. It is located in Mombasa with great surroundings like beach resorts and deluxe accommodation. Despite the beach activities like sunbathing, playing with sands, building sandcastles, and swimming, it is also a great place for surfing. The beach has adequate space for your privacy.

3. Lamu beaches

Lamu beach is also among the best and has beautiful sandy beaches. The popular beaches in Lamu are shela beach and manda bay. These beaches are popular for their peaceful ambiance and picturesque views. There are also luxury resorts surrounding the beaches; this beach resort gives the visitors a beautiful place to relax and have fun during holidays.

4. Vipingo beach

This beach is found near Kilifi in a coastal region that is made up of Swahili villages. The beach has coconut palms with calm and crystal clear water. The beach is surrounded by less crowd, and it’s scenic. This is a place you can admire to spent a romantic and peaceful time with either your lover or friends.

5. Tiwi beach

Tiwi beach is located in the south of Mombasa. It is also on the list of best beaches in Kenya with beautiful sandy beaches. The place is fantastic, and it offers the best natural features you can enjoy for a vacation. You can enjoy the white sand, tide pools, and the shade of palm trees in a nearly private experience.

6. Bamburi beach

It is found in Mtwapa, poplar for camel rides, scuba diving, coral reefs, and snorkelling. The beach is lined with bars, eateries, and beachfront hotels on Kenya’s north shores. You can enjoy your spend on Bamburi beach; for an instant, you can submerge in the blue-green water or sit in the golden sand.

7. Kilifi beach

Kilifi beach is full of the best experience, and it is situated to the north of Mombasa. The beach has soft sand, deep blue water, and has dense thickets of trees on one side. You can enjoy your ride on the ocean using some traditional boats known as a dhow. When you are hungry, you can move to one restaurant and take some seafood or Kenyan drinks known as dawas. Dawas is a drink that is obtained from sugar cane. What are you waiting for since Kilifi is awaiting you, and you can grab all this?

8. Shanzu beach

This beach is located on the Mombasa-Malindi highway. The beach is great with refreshing blue water, gold-colored sand, and plenty of shade from palm tree lining. Shanzu also has the best hotels, restaurants, hostels, and bars. Therefore there is no need to move to a long distance looking for a place to sleep, eat, or drink. In case you need some privacy, you can move along the coastal water till you find some privacy.

9. Watamu beach

In case you need a different beach from the southern side. Watamu beach or turtle bay is direct to the south of Malindi. It is part of the Watamu national marine park. The beach has a unique experience that you can admire for a vacation. You will not only be impressed by the clear blue seas but also its proximity to local coral reefs. The place is awesome if you like snorkeling and scuba driving. The waters in Watamu are calm; hence it’s a great place for relaxing and swimming. If you are tired of staying in the water, you can move to the sandy shores and enjoy some sunbathing.

10. Kiwayu beach

Kiwayu beach is known to be a home for celebrities. This place has rustic resorts, authentic dishes made locally, and fresh seafood. The place is also a home for unique marine life located away from the water edge. You can relax on the shores of the beach and enjoy the sun in your own privacy.

11. Shelly beach

Shelly beach, as suggested by the name, is a perfect place for those who are in need of collecting shells. This beach is popular for the shells situated along the sandy shores. The beach is also isolated; hence you can enjoy your privacy during your day on the water’s edge. You may be tempted to swim to this beach; however, its water is filled with seaweed hence can get rough. Therefore, if you swim in the absence of others may be dangerous. A place is a great place, especially for picnics on the sand and when collecting seashells.

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