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10 Best c plain courses in Kenya

In Kenya, universities with colleges offer over 1000 courses, but not all of the courses are really marketable. Students who scored a C plain got a good opportunity since there are many courses they can choose from. After doing your KCSE exam and you got a C plain then a Diploma course is good for you. The following includes some of the best c plain courses in Kenya:

1. Clinical and Child Neurophysiology

If you go for this course, your main area of interest will be to study how the brain of a child, together with that of a teenager, functions. How the brain functions have an impact on cognitive, behavioral together with the psychosocial adjustment of teenagers and children. At Kenyatta University, the Diploma course in clinical and child neurophysiology is best offered there. Also, it equips graduates with relevant skills to treat patients with neurological disorders.

Requirements have C plain in Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology and English.

2. Nutrition and Health

With a C plain this is a good course you can go for if you have passion in medicine, there will be no difficulties for you in finding a suitable institution since there are many private and public institution that offers this diploma program. You will be knowledgeable about nutrition and public health. One will now be able to address the community about matters relating to their health and also give them advice on which kind of foods to eat.

Requirements are at least an Aggregate of C plain. The aggregate of C – if you got a certificate in the same. Grade C in either of the following two subjects; Group A Biology, Home

Science, Agriculture, Chemistry. Group B Geography, Home Science, Biological Sciences, Agriculture and physical sciences.

3. Communication and Media studies.

This is one of the most competitive courses in the country; day in day out, the media changes; thus, the need of looking for qualified experts in communication and media services. Even if there are many people in the industry, those who are focused and have set goals to pursue the Diploma course have high chances of securing a job. As you do a course in communication and media studies, you should be ready to keep pace with the latest trending debates and technologies. This program aims to prepare learners to get a job in media-related industries. Most media studies offer a combination of practical preparation for different kinds of media careers.

Requirements are English or Kiswahili C plain, Geography or History and Government C-

4. Hospitality management

This is one of the best course work of a Hospitality manager is to make sure that your hotel is welcoming and warm where guests feel like they are at their homes. You will attain educational and managerial tools that are essential for the management of restaurants, hotels and any other place where hospitality is basic for business. Experts in this field get lots of money per month.

Requirements are; C- in any of the two subjects from the below categories: Group A Chemistry, Biology, English/Kiswahili. Group B Mathematics, Biological Sciences, Physical sciences, Kiswahili/English, Home science.

5. Pharmacy

The best-known institutions that offer quality training experts in such fields are Kenyatta University, Kenya medical training college and the University of Nairobi. After pursuing your Diploma and you qualify, you can decide to open a pharmacy of your own. Since most of the government hospitals lack medicines, you will make lots of money as an individual from your pharmacy. On completion of this course, you can work in pharmaceutical companies, private and public hospitals, private and public pharmacies, Research organizations, medical regulatory bodies, on governmental organizations.

Requirements are; a combination of subjects such as Kiswahili English or Biology and physics.

The aggregate of C plain

6. Quantity surveying

The University of Nairobi, Jomo Kenyatta University of science and technology offers the best of this course. Quantity surveyors are experts knowledgeable on contracts and construction

Costs. Chartered surveyors are qualified professional quantity surveyors. Quantity surveyors are the ones responsible for managerial of all financial sides of the construction project. Graduates in this program get jobs immediately after their graduation; if not lucky, you can be self-employed.

Requirements are; mathematics C+, English C-, chemistry or physics C-

7. Real Estate Agency and Property management

Real estate is the industry that is booming. This program at the University of Nairobi sensitizes students to focus on the importance of property management. The course equips learners with technician skills, values and knowledge suitable to their career of choice. The demands of this program are on a high note this meaning it is easier to get a job with companies that are big such as property 24, Buy and Rent Kenya and Hair Finder.

Requirements are math and English C plain.

8. Electrical and Electronic engineering

This course is meant to prepare the trainees in the field of electronics so as to get employment in the future. Trainees ought to be capable of working accurately, safely and with efficiency in the field of electronics. The course targets students who are interested in getting electrical and electronic skills. Companies in need of engineers in such a field include; KenGen, Bamburi cement, Kenya Power Lighting Company. You can go ahead and decide to employ yourself and earn from contracts. Your salary will be slightly high if you are working in a too company.

Requirements are mathematics and physics C-, aggregate of C plain in KCSE.

9. Diploma in Software Engineering

The world we are living in is digital in that technology is changing everything. This course offers skills and knowledge in a wide range of computer skills that make sure learners are able to give a solution to our dynamic world. The course focuses on the techniques, methodologies and tools to develop a software system that is of high quality. The program is meant to meet demands for software engineering amongst the ICT career in our country. For the better performance of a company, there should be a periodic upgrade of its system. One can get a good job in Safaricom, Goggle or Oracle if he or she has excellent skills.

Requirements are; mathematics D-, English or Kiswahili D-

10. Diploma in public health

This is a field where public health cares about the wellbeing of people. Many people are still alive today because of the initiatives from the public health such as family planning, vaccination programs, banning the use of drugs such as tobacco and safety laws of motor vehicles. This career is marketable since people in every part of our world are affected by the public health initiative.

Requirements are; aggregate of C plain, C- in Kiswahili or English, C- in biology, C – in mathematics, C minus in either mathematics, physics, physical science or chemistry.


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