10 Best Certificate Courses in Kenya

10 Best Certificate Courses in Kenya

Education is vital in the current generation. Certificate courses offer great benefits on their own, they offer a great foundation to the student, but also they can be used as a supplement to make a graduate more marketable. The fact is that some courses are more marketable than others. Usually, the best paying ones are the most marketable ones. Different institutions offer different courses. Thus you are required to be extra keen when selecting what you want to study and where. If you are looking for a good and well-paying certificate course, then worry no more. Here is a list of the best certificate courses:

1. Information Technology.

Information technology is an art that advances every single day, and each day comes with a new technological advancement; moreover, other fields are also finding the need to bring in IT in their jobs, like in the hotel and tourism sector, most of the Managers are learning on how to feed their hotel information in their website so that they can advertise their products easily. Thus, if you have an interest in IT, then you can learn and work smart in it because the truth is told is that it is well paying.

2. Accounting and finance.

In this field, be guaranteed you will encounter many mathematical questions; thus, if you are best in mathematics, then this is your field. Depending on the organization you will work for or the revenue that the firm makes, the pay can be very impressive. If you yearn to be more marketable, you can take a step further into a practical accounting course, and this course is offered by Corporate Staffing services; thus, you’ll have an avid knowledge on matters concerning practical accounting skills.

3. Human Resource Management.

If you graduate in this course, then you’ll have a good chance to be an executive member in the corporate field, impressive, right? A course in human resource management will avail you of a larger scope of knowledge. Furthermore, it will give you the ability to pursue various occupations in various industries. As we all know, those who engage in courses that will eventually lead to operational roles are like the backbone of our economy. Thus a certificate in Human Resource Management, consistency, and working smart won’t fail you.

4. Sales and Marketing.

The trick in this is to be social and to know many useful people. In this field, a company can entrust you with their products, where after that you’ll be required to sell them, the more you know people who need the products, the more you’ll get high sales percentages. Depending on the payment method you agreed on, often the method used is usually commission, in that you’ll be paid depending on how your sales percentage has stretched.

5. Digital marketing.

The best thing about this is that digital marketing can even be done in the comfort of your home; all you are required to have is skills, a laptop, and a good internet connection. All you do is market your products online then you’ll get potential clients. However, this arena has a number of specialty areas which are; email marketing, copywriting, content marketing, data analyst, search engine optimization, among others; the tip here is that you identify at least two of these fields where you are excellently best in, after working smart and being consistent then clients will be knocking at your doorstep.

6. Health Records and information

Health records information is available in KMTC and other institutions. The best thing about this course is that it equips you with the knowledge and skills of collecting and maintaining medical information. This information ranges from insurance, records, financial information, and patient diagnostics. When you finally graduate, you can become a hospital receptionist, health information clerk, or dental secretary.


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7. Food production.

There will always be an increase in the number of hotels, restaurants, and food arenas. This is a clear indication that a certificate in this course will take you a long way since it’s highly marketable. It’s obvious that people love to eat. Knowledge is power, so they say. Thus lessons in food production will teach you how to plan, prepare and avail many food products under hygienic conditions.

8. Hairdressing and beauty therapy.

This course will enable a learner to have a passion for the hair and beauty industry. This is a very marketable course since we all want to look good. Thus is most occasions, we’ll be calling the professional in this arena to attend to us. In hairdressing and beauty, you’ll learn an array of skills ranging from twisting, plaiting, styling, nail art, and doing makeups to all and sundry. The icing on the cake is that you’ll not only learn theories but also practicals, like how to handle customers.

9. Purchasing and supplies management.

The best thing about this course is that the classes focus more on practicals, case studies, theories, and first-hand updates on the field, in that you’ll be fully baked at the end of the day, you’ll be an all-around student. In this field, you’ll learn skills that will enable you to effectively manage the activities of an organization’s supply chain.

10. Electrical and electronic engineering.

This programme is among the best of the best that KNEC can offer. Moreover, it is very marketable because it provides the student with electronic skills. The classes are very interesting because you will be able to have an opportunity to use some of the latest equipment in the electrical engineering field. Upon graduation, you will qualify as an electrical and electrical engineer. This is such a marketable title, and it will open you to opportunities in the automotive, electronics, manufacturing, and telecommunication, IT, and construction fields, among others. Above all, you’ll have sufficient knowledge that will enable you to design electrical and electric tools, thus with hard work and consistency, and you can go to places or even turn to be the best of the best engineer. With an amazing title comes an amazing income.

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