10 Best International Schools in Kenya

10 Best International Schools in Kenya

Education is a necessity in every child’s life. Choosing where to send your child for studying is very vital, as this will determine the child’s educational progress. In the current society, we have so many international schools around so, how can one determine which international School is best for your child? Among the key factors include school fees, hours of study, curriculum, and the location of the school. If you are looking for the best international schools in Kenya, then we got you! Here is a list of the best of the best International Schools:


Brookhouse International School was established in the year 1981. The best thing is that they offer both boarding and day school services. They have two places one in Karen and the most recent one in Runda, it has enrolled about 750 students. This school has a variety of extracurricular activities such as aerobics, gym, martial arts, horse riding, archery, orchestra, round square, and Model UN. Thus, it’s guaranteed that your child will be an all-around student at the end of the day.


Peponi house preparatory school is located in lower kabete. The best feature about it, it’s that they incorporate Kenyan culture with the Kiswahili content taught from year 2, impressive right? Moreover, the school has undergone some rebuilding process of the entire school, this includes; the science block, music center, and outdoor learning areas. All this will ensure that your child will get a quality education.


Nairobi Jaffery Academy was started way earlier in the year 1998, this is an academically competitive institution. The best part of this school is that it has a reasonable school fee, thus the guardians of the child can afford it. The fees are subsidized by the Shia Muslim Community culture, however, the school welcomes pupils from other religions and cultures and it’s very keen to ensure that it has achieved the goal of being a multi-cultural policy center. Although, girls must ensure that they have a headscarf according to the Muslim culture and also music is not taught as a subject as this is against the Shia Muslim’s Faith.


Braeside school was founded back in the year 1994. It offers A levels and BTECs which are accredited by the (CIS) Council of international schools and inspected by the (ISI) Independent Schools Inspectorate for ( BSO) British Schools Overseas. Braeside is located in Lavington, Nairobi and yes, it does teach Kenyan nationals, currently, it caters to over 50 nationalities that are different.


Rosslyn Academy is located in Gigiri, Nairobi. Close to the headquarters of the UN in Africa is the US embassy. Earlier it was a school for Mennonite missionaries children, so it’s a strongly Christian school, with the correct ethos. It is popularly known for prescribing the clothing that the students should dress in, wear cleavage among the ladies must not be seen and the undergarments, moreover it is among the best schools, that send their students to leading American universities. Lastly, it is accredited by (MSA) Middle State Association of Schools and Colleges.


Hillcrest International School has a very categorized outlay let me elaborate it for you better. It has three separate schools on the same campus, one in Karen, and the early year’s Hillcrest preparatory and Hillcrest secondary. In 2019, it was taken over by Dubai-based GEMS education, which they added to their Kenyan portfolio. It is inspected by (IAPS) Independent Association of Prep Schools and the (ISI) Independent Schools Inspectorate for (BSO) British Schools Overseas. Hillcrest International Schools, highly emphasizes academics so that your child will have impressive results. Moreover, it has a boarding house that can facilitate all students.


International School of Kenya is divided basically into three, Elementary, Middle School, and High school. However, its ownership is jointly done by the American Embassy and the Canadian High Commission. This school is well equipped, modern, and located on a former coffee plantation. It has its students all over the world, about students from 65 countries with also Kenyan families included. It offers a North American accredited diploma. It is accredited dually by ( CIS) and ( MSA) which are Council of International Schools and the Middle Schools Association of Schools and Colleges.


Kenton college preparatory school is regarded as the oldest International School in the country. It was founded in the year 1924, as an “only boys” boarding school. It has a strong music department and a house system. Their students mainly come from British families but they also have 10 more who come from other nationalities. Their schools are in Kenya, the USA, and the UK. The school is inspected by (SIS) Schools inspection Service for ( BSO) British Schools Overseas.


Greensteds International School was founded over 80 years ago, its location is in Nakuru in the Rift Valley Region. A region is known for its lush green grass and the decorated pink flamingos. From the analysis most of the students are Kenyans, and the remainder coming from different 20 nationalities. Furthermore, it supports boarding schools where it has 240 beds for those who will want to board, but also the day students are welcomed as it’s optional. Their alumni have been seen moving to global universities. The school is accredited by (CIS) Council of international schools.


Aga Khan Academy has its main school in Parklands, Nairobi. It was established nearly 50 years ago, its nursery supports approximately (250 students) although it’s located on a separate campus, about 350 students are ranging from both Junior and senior schools. Their graduates often move to live in the US, Russell group universities in the UK, or top Kenyan Universities. In the education arena, the International Baccalaureate Diploma scores tend to be in the low to mid-thirties, against the global figure which is often under 30.

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