8 best Banks in Kenya for Students

8 best Banks in Kenya for Students

The campus is always a super exciting place to be! The freedom, the people who are from all over the world, the endless opportunities, and last but not least the amazing memories. With all this happening, there’s a need to have all your things in order. Most importantly you need to have your finances intact. Having an account is very essential for students. Most especially on campus, most students tend to party every weekend thus wasting massive amounts of money. Having an account can be of great help to the student as he or she can learn how to save. Students need a bank account that will favor them in all capacities. In most cases, an ID is the most essential item. Below is the list of friendly and favorable accounts that one can work with.


The best thing with Barclays Bank is that you don’t need to pay any maintenance fee. Your account will be able to run effectively without them demanding charges moreover after you have had a successful registration you are issued with a debit card. Barclays Bank has an app that can ease your workload, you can spend, save and budget with the app. It also has access to Perlego – an online academic library that exposes students to books that widen their knowledge on various topics in life. To top it all up Barclays bank, offers the pay easy way, in that you can pay for stuff with your phone or smartwatch. You can also use mobile numbers to send, send and receive money, without having to share your bank details. So here’s how to apply if you’re new to Barclays: when you first download and open the app you’ll be asked a variety of questions and once you are done you can start using the account. Requirements to open a Barclays Bank account are A copy of your National ID and the KRA pin.


If you are looking for the best of the best, then Equity Bank is your place to be. It requires no opening balance, no ledger fee, and no account maintenance, thus it allows the individual to open an account but you don’t have to deposit money immediately. To add the icing on the cake Equity also has a visa and MasterCard which can be discounted. As a campus student, you’ll definitely have a lot of time well, it’s up to you to make good use of this time. You might decide to do bookwork, make friends, and create memories among others after all it’s not that serious! You’re just on campus. But, for most of us who want to add an extra coin, you might join jobs like transcription, blogging, or essay writing. Equity Bank supports such platforms on PayPal where you can be paid from. Requirements for opening an Equity Bank account include A copy of your National ID and the KRA pin.


KCB bank guarantees the user no monthly charges. It has a good working internet banking ability that can enable one to withdraw money from over 350 ATMs countrywide. Requirements for opening a KCB bank account include A copy of your National ID and the KRA pin.


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NIC bank operates on the minimum balance of a thousand shillings (ksh.1000) and that’s quite affordable for any student. Moreover, they have no monthly fees thus being convenient for any student. The counter withdrawal fee is a hundred shillings (ksh.100), an ATM card costs five hundred shillings (Ksh. 500) and the ATM withdrawal is thirty shillings (ksh.30). Requirements for opening a NIC bank account include A copy of your National ID, KRA pin colored passport size photo, and a letter from the learning institution of the student. The added advantage is that NIC bank has its branches across major towns and it has extended its services to the East African region (Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania).


GULF bank operates with a minimum opening balance of only five hundred shillings (ksh.500), it should be noted that there are no monthly charges when you open this account. Requirements for opening a Gulf African bank account include a copy of your National ID and the KRA pin.


First community bank, they have no monthly operating fees thus a student can have an account effectively. They have a minimum fee of a thousand shillings (ksh.1000) plus you also get a free ATM card. Requirements for opening a First community bank account include a copy of the national ID and your KRA pin.


National Bank, is the most effective of all, it has no monthly fees and no minimum balance hence any comrade can survive here. With National Bank, you’ll be able to save your money effectively without any deductions. Furthermore, with a National bank account, you acquire, a free banker’s cheque and 24 hours access to your account. Thus, it allows the student to manage his / her allowances, loans and to keep track of your expenditure. Requirements for opening a National Bank account include: Original and copy of your ID/ passport, original and copy of your student ID, 1 passport photo (taken at the branch), pin certificate, a letter from college/ learning institution, and proof of address/ source of funds.


CO- OPERATIVE bank, is cooperative when it comes to its people. With an account in Coop bank, you’ll be able to get a free debit card after you’ve registered. It does not require any maintenance fee thus any student can be able to run it with ease. It requires only a minimum of a thousand shillings (ksh.1000) together with safe mobile banking. The cooperative bank has designed a YEA account specifically for the youth between 16-30! Ain’t that awesome? Moreover, when you are an account holder you’ll get discounted bank cheques for fees payment. Requirements to open a YEA account include Original ID as well as a copy, one referee, copy of KRA pin.

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