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10 Best Insurance Companies in Kenya

Insurance companies, basically offer various insurance services to individuals, groups, or companies to manage future risks. Their vital function is to offer and pay up claims covered by the policies. Here is a list of the best insurance companies in Kenya:


Britam insurance is listed at the Nairobi securities exchange and it is part of British American Insurance Company Limited. They offer a variety of services ranging from property management, banking to asset management. Britam insurance company also has a health insurance cover, this is to ensure that the insured is well covered. This cover is called Afya Tele an innovative program that was created. The company has also received many awards a clear indication that it is the best of the best. In 2019, it won an award of excellence in Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) awards, it also was named the best insurance in the 2019 Association of Kenya Insurance (AKI) Agents.


Jubilee Insurance is a multinational insurance company, owned by a subsidiary of Jubilee holding limited. It deals with educational insurance, home insurance, health insurance although it has specifically specialized in motor Insurance. Jubilee Insurance has also scooped itself some amazing awards like in 2019 it was named best in general insurance in the 2019 Association of Kenya Insurance ( AKI) Agents.

3. ICEA.

Now, this is among the largest insurance companies in East Africa. So, ICEA comprises of four companies which are: ICEA LION GROUP, ICEA GENERAL INSURANCE, ICEA LION LIFE ASSURANCE, ICEA LION ASSET MANAGEMENT, AND ITSL TRUST COMPANY LIMITED. It shall be noted in the history of insurance companies in Kenya that, ICEA was the first Insurance company in 2019 to introduce cancer Insurance for its members who are aged from eighteen years to fifty-nine years ( 18-59)


Allianz Insurance is offering its services to over 70 countries. It is known for its worldwide leadership in both insurance and asset management. It offers personal insurance services like medical insurance, home insurance, immigration bonds, motor Insurance, and motorcycle insurance. You shouldn’t have any doubt if you want to work with Allianz Insurance this is due to the fact that Allianz is a licensed insurer in Kenya and it offers its services to individuals, groups, families, and local corporates.


Madison insurance was founded in 1988 as a company that was privately owned. It covers life and health insurance mostly, although it also has investment management facilities. The company has a huge asset that runs up to more than 5 billion! Among the best things that Madison offers among them is the policy called ” Bimakaro”, in which one can access school fees funds from as low as ten thousand shillings ( ksh.10,000).


AAR insurance is the master of the game when it comes to health insurance. It all began in 1984 when the company started as a road ambulance and an air service as Africa Air Rescue before finally engaging in the insurance sphere. AAR gives their clients the best covers which include: maternity and psychiatric treatments including prescribed medicines and many more.


Sanlam insurance company was formerly known as Pan African Insurance. It is now a public limited company offering various financial services. Sanlam insurance, has now existed for more than a century and it has an international footprint amazing right? They have their current amounting to over $60 billion. Furthermore, the company has interests in 32 African countries, Australia, UK, Malaysia, the USA, and India. Just like any other insurance company, Sanlam also has its areas of expertise which include: investments and wealth, financial planning, insurance, and retirement. They also offer helpful solutions to their clients in case of a problem.


KENINDIA insurance is a collaboration of Indian insurance companies in Kenya to form a vibrant merger thus the name ” kenindia”. They offer life insurance covers of up to 15- years of money back, capital advantage, group life, and staff retirement benefits meaning once their member has retired he will definitely get his retirement share which is a good deal, moreover, it offers medical insurance covers both to families and individuals, corporate health plan and health services plans. To add icing on the cake, they also offer services concerning general insurance which covers: marine, fire, personal accidents, and private vehicles. Feel free to work with them.


Kenya Orient Insurance Company has existed in the market for over thirty years now. It offers services like life insurance, retirement solutions for people as well as corporates. But majorly, Kenya Orient Insurance has expertise in Mobile phone insurance cover and home cover. Above all, it still caters as a general insurance company and has improvised a unique package of products which is slowly gaining popularity.


The headquarters of UAP old mutual insurance company is in Nairobi, Kenya. The company, however, has subsidiaries all over the East African region, Congo and South Sudan. Just like any other insurance company, UAP old mutual insurance company isn’t an exception it offers a variety of financial solutions for insurance investments, banking, and savings. They also offer services for motor Insurance, educational insurance, family health cover, retirement plans, money savings, and travel insurance. This is a good deal because let’s say in terms of the retirement benefits you won’t have to strain at your old age reason being you were wise enough to invest. To top that up, in terms of education you won’t strain when you are not financially stable, all you’ll have to do is to reach out to the insurance company and they’ll come through for you, impressive right? Be wise enough to invest in an insurance company, so that you can be able to manage your future risks with ease.

Lastly, ensure that before you invest in any insurance company be 100% sure that it’s legally licensed and it’s recognized by the government of Kenya so that you can avoid being conned or fooled.

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