Best KMTC Campuses in Kenya

10 Best KMTC Campuses in Kenya

The Kenya Medical Training College is state cooperation under the Ministry of Health of the National government. The college generally trains individuals on various health programmes to make them fit for service both nationally and globally. Currently, KMTC has 71 campuses across the country strategically located to serve each region and county. This article gives you some of the best Kenya Medical Training College Campuses in Kenya.

1. KMTC Nairobi Campus

It was founded in 1927 with only four students, all from the Kenya Institute of Administration (KIA). It has more than 3000 students who join the campus from various parts of the country. The various courses offered here include Certificate Courses, Diploma Courses, and Higher Diploma Courses. The campus offers a total of 19 programs that one can choose from. These include Pharmacy, Nutrition, and dietetics, Medical Engineering, Clinical Medicine, and Nursing. The students on this campus gain their clinical experience in various health centers in Nairobi and across the country. They also help out in hospitals to curb staff shortages.

2. KMTC Mombasa Campus

It is located in Tononoka Mzizima and was started in 1948. The campus has more than 1000 students who take various Diploma, Certificate, and Higher Diploma Courses. These include Pharmacy, Clinical Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, Medical Engineering, Medical Laboratory Technology, and many other courses. KMTC Mombasa Campus made history when it became the first to start the integrated Kenya Registered Community Health Nursing course at the diploma level. The facilities in the campus that include well-equipped labs, classrooms, well-trained lectures, and skills labs ensure that students get the best of everything and become competent medics upon graduation.

3. KMTC Nakuru Campus

The campus has a population of about 1600 students. It is situated in Milimani Estate along Crescent Road just north of Nakuru Town. The campus has a well-equipped library that can accommodate up to 300 students at the same time. The campus is built on land shared with the Nakuru Teaching and Referral Hospital, which acts as a center where the student gets motivation and clinical experience. The various programs offered by the campus include Clinical Medicine and Surgery, Nursing, Pharmacy, Nutrition and Dietetics, and Medical Laboratory Technology. The college facilities and clubs are set to sharpen students’ skills, making them competent in the job market.

4. KMTC Kisumu Campus

The campus is located in Kondele Area, just next to Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital. This acts as a center for research and practical skill sharpening for the students. The campus accommodates more than 1000 students. The campus is one of the largest medical training institutions in Kisumu County. The various programs offered in the institution under the Diploma, Certificate, and Higher Diploma Programs include Pharmacy, Medical Engineering, Nursing, Clinical Medicine and Surgery, and Medical Laboratory Technology. The facilities available at the campus include a well-stocked library, well-equipped skills lab, Wi-Fi, enough hostel blocks, and a well-equipped computer lab. The campus has various sports like basketball, badminton, long tennis, and scrabble, which help students become all-around ladies and gentlemen in society.

5. KMTC Karen Campus

This is a campus specially set aside to train Food, Nutrition, and dietetic course. The campus was founded in 1965 and held a population of about 600 students. The campus offers the following programs; Certificate in Nutrition and dietetics, which takes two years, Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics that takes three years and a higher diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics, which takes a minimum of two years.

6. KMTC Embu Campus

The campus was founded in 1975 by missionaries as a Health Training College. It has about 800 students. In 1987, it was officially opened by Hon. Kenneth Matiba. The programs currently offered at the institution are Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery, Pharmacy, Nursing, Medical Laboratory Science, and Medical Engineering. In September 2019, the following courses commenced; Higher Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery, Family Health Nursing, and pain Management.

7. KMTC Machakos Campus

The campus is located near Machakos County Teaching and Referral Hospital. The environment in this campus is breathtakingly beautiful, not forgetting the Yatta Plateau near the campus that offers a serene environment to study in. KMTC Embu was founded in 1959, and it trained nurses under the Machakos General Hospital. The programs offered include Diploma in Clinical Medicine, Medical laboratory technology, pharmacy, and nursing. The campus is located just near Machakos County Teaching and Referral Hospital. Students, therefore, go for clinical experience and practice at this facility whenever need be.

8. KMTC Kisii Campus

This campus is located along the Kisii Hospital Road and opposite the Kisii County Teaching and Referral Hospital. It was founded in 1958 by the colonial government to train nurses. Currently, it has a population of close to 1000 students. In 2000, the campus began to offer a Diploma in Clinical Medicine and surgery. The facility offers quality training to students who end up as competent professionals in the medical field. Other courses offered at the institution include a Diploma in nursing, medical engineering, and dentistry.

9. KMTC Nyeri Campus

The facility has close to 1000 students and has facilities fitted to bring out competent health professionals in the country and globally. The courses offered include Diploma in nursing, pharmacy, clinical medicine, surgery, and medical laboratory technology. Certificate and Higher Diploma Programs are also offered at the institution.

10. KMTC Thika Campus

The campus is just adjacent to Thika Level 5 Hospital. It was founded in 1969 and had only 30 students taking a certificate course in Enrolled Community Nursing. The campus has since grown and currently has almost 900 students. It was opened by the first President of Kenya, H.E Jomo Kenyatta. The Courses currently offered at the institution include Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics, Orthopaedics, Community Health Nursing, Higher Diploma in Anaesthesia, Clinical medicine and surgery, and Orthopaedic Plaster Technology.


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