“African Amazon”: Is Jumia an African Startup?

Jumia is the leading and largest E-commerce platform in Africa Operating in more than 10 African countries. These countries Include Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt, Ghana, Tanzania,  Ivory Coast, Uganda, Senegal, Cameroon, and Mali. Jumia was Founded back in 2012 by two French entrepreneurs debuted on the New York Stock Market. Furthermore, Jumia listed seventeen percent of

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AI: What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is an exciting field in Engineering and computer science. These area deal with cognitive behavior, knowledge, and suitability in machines, robots and computer programs that are body less. Search engines use artificial intelligence to answer questions, for instance, translating languages, bank use it to foretell stocks markets and rates,  in hospitals it is

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What is cloud computing?

Most individuals may ask themselves why cloud computing is necessary. A good answer for this query relies on many difficulties that business, organizations, and people face today.  These difficulties begin from getting and preserving costly software and hardware materials used in producing efficient resources to the community at large.  Cloud computing is the process of

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