How to earn money from Geopoll Survey app in Kenya

Geopoll is the best survey app in Kenya with no doubts.  It has been around for a very long time but only a few people know the secrets of making money with this app. Today, I will share everything possible just to help you earn. Earning from the Geopoll App is easy the pay is good too. A recent study shows that a typical person spends 3 hours on the phone every day.  What we do on our phones these hours might be the things pushing us away from success or that will make us successful.

There are approximately 7 ways to earn money with the Geopoll app

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Geopoll Survey

This is the most popular way to earn cash on this platform. Almost everybody can do it since no special skills are required. For example today I did a survey about my favorite soda. Very exciting right? The survey had around 7 questions for example? Which of these sodas have you had or seen in the past week? How much money have you spent on airtime this month? Which year were you born in? And where do you live currently? It took me approximately one and a half minutes to finish the survey. All tasks are divided by levels, so at level one, you earn only KES 10 per survey. Of course, you will earn more as you get to higher levels.

Geopoll App Image
Example of Geopoll app Earnings and cashout to Mpesa wallet or redeeming to Airtime Credit

Price Checker

Another easy way of earning money on the Geopoll platform is through the price checker. Here you will earn KES 25 to 500 for finding prices of goods and services around your area. By scanning the bar code you get paid isn’t this amazing? Geopoll sells this data to clients who want to understand better the prices of goods and services in the local market.

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Billboard Photography

Taking photographs of billboards and getting paid!! Insane right? Geopoll tasks are friendly easy and enjoyable. The higher the level the more money you can earn.

Media Insights

Here you get paid for answering questions on what you watch on TV or listen on the Radio. The number of insights you participate in the more the earnings. On level 2 earnings are 10% more on every task completed on media insights.

Geopoll App Reviewer

Geopoll pays you for downloading and reviewing applications on your phone. On level 2 you will be able to earn 20% more money. Level 2 can be reached by reviewing as many apps as possible.


This is a different task from billboard photography. This is the most lucrative task on Geopoll since you can KES 25 to 500 for just taking photos around the town using your phone. Note that you must take good photos in order to earn. The photos are well checked and only correct photos are paid for.

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Inviting Friends

Inviting friends to earn from Geopoll is another way of earning money from the app. For every referral, you will earn KES 5.

Bottom line

 This app has created a good opportunity for people to earn money online. But remember for you to get consistent surveys you need first to set up your profile with every detail required. Earnings can be redeemed as credit or withdrawn to the M-Pesa wallet. Don’t forget to leave a comment below or to share this article if you got any value.

Geopoll image showing total earnings

Watch the Geopoll survey app tutorial below

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      Hi Anne, Thank you for reaching out to me. I’m here to help. First download the geopoll app from the play-store. Sign-up then complete tasks and surveys to get paid.

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