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AI: What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is an exciting field in Engineering and computer science. These area deal with cognitive behavior, knowledge, and suitability in machines, robots and computer programs that are body less. Search engines use artificial intelligence to answer questions, for instance, translating languages, bank use it to foretell stocks markets and rates,  in hospitals it is used to recognize abnormal growth , automatic cars use it to drive, it enhances players experience in video games, improve video quality in telescopes and recognize voices, faces or music in smartphones .jobs in (Al) are growing fast as it invested by big players such as Google, Microsoft, and Amazon.

It reasonable to say that (Al) is reliable, saves on cost, and give decisions. Additionally, (Al) prevent loss of data.  Notwithstanding artificial intelligence has made lives to become easy, Al immense dependency by people can be dormant as predicted by scientists. They predict that Al machines will make people jobless hence lose a sense of living. 

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Artificial intelligence algorithms and Models

Al deal with algorithms and models as a method planned using science research such as mathematics, statistics, and biology.  Models of Al are an immune algorithm, decision tree, neural network, deep learning, and fuzzy algorithm. The most common model is an artificial neural network and support vector machine.

Support network machine

(SVM) is used to create a classification model by investigating a desirable hyperplane. Moreover, it is used for model classification or tendency prediction of application in such instance, diagnosing diseases, treating optimization and transforming power.

Artificial neural network

(ANN) is a model that represents thoughts and behaviors in relation to the physical connection of neurons. Furthermore, ANN is a solution to most problems by allowing the machine to create a mathematical model so that it copies natural work from the brain. 

Al design models

The most known application of Al is visual assistants one such instance is Siri and Cortana.  Smart assistants have become common in smartphones and most importantly,  the assistants are growing better. Al work in the following stages: obtaining data, preparing data, training, testing, and enhance the data.

Siri visual assistant

It assistance that perform work using sound recognition or typed command in a device. The application work by taking input words from the user and find related words in the command. Siri removes unrelated results by the use of a recognizing language pattern then search in phone numbers and perform the work by conveying output.

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