Top 10 best Kenyan Gospel Artists

Top 10 best Kenyan Gospel Artists

In Kenya, the gospel industry has a lot of contradictions; however, some artists put in all their efforts to ensure the ministry is highly upheld. Despite the fact that most Kenyan artists sing using the Swahili language, their songs are full of content. Here is a list of the best gospel musicians:


Kambua is one of the best female artists in the game. She is a graduate of the prestigious Berkeley School of music. Her music is usually full of raw emotions and catchy lyrics, and One can actually relate with every word that comes out of her mouth. Lastly, Kambua has received many awards; thus, she is worth being listened to. Kambua is the Rauka TV show presenter in citizen. Finally, she has received a baby after six years of wait. She revealed that being in a marriage, many people expected a child after the wedding, and mostly in Africa, the force is usually driven towards the wife and not the husband. So for the time, she was childless. That’s why she was often online trolled, which is now an open secret. Recently Kambua gave birth to baby Nathaniel, and they are going on perfectly as a happy family.


Among the best female artists in the country, Janet Otieno can’t be left out of the list. Even though she didn’t want to be a musician, she discovered her talent while being in a church choir in her church. She decided to venture into the music industry in 2013, and since then, she has been producing high-quality music. Among her best hits is “Napokea kwako, “which is done with Christine Shusho from Tanzania.


The worship leader at Jubilee Christian Church ( JCC ) has been in the game for a very long time now. Among the most vocal artists in Kenya, Mercy Masika belongs to the crème de la crème part. Her story is a clear indication that nothing is impossible with faith. She echoes that one can actually come from grass to grace, from a mess to a message. Besides Mercy being a musician, she is also a mother and a wife. She is the wife to David Mugoro, mother of two children named, Ranise and Tevita. The couple holds religion very highly; thus, they are raising their children very well with a spiritual background.


Just like any other gospel artist, Alice also has a story. She has often narrated how she started singing from nursery with her three sisters. She has come a long way in both the music arena and also as a family woman, and she has a very touching story that I recommend you should take a look at in her interviews. Her music is also on another level of greatness.

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Size 8 was formerly a secular artist who used to produce banger after banger. She then decided to refocus her energy on God, and since then, she has been producing the best gospel music. Recently she did a song with Willy Paul called ” “which has been doing well. Since she decided to shift her energy into the spiritual world, her light has refused to ever dim. Apart from being a musician, she is a wife to DJ Mo and a mother of Ladasha Rambus and Muraya Junior. Just like other women, Size 8 has also had her share of experience with pregnancies as they are not that favorable to her. Each child has a story worth sharing. Moreover, size 8 is also a brand ambassador. She advertises products like the common “softcare baby Pampers” which has her picture together with her babies on it!


Guardian Angel is among the best and consistent male artists in the country, the “Nadeka” hitmaker, had earlier decided to quit music and relocate to Canada, but he still soldiered on and is now really doing an amazing job. Guardian angel also has an inspiring story, he has not been brought up from a well-off family, but with God’s Mercy today, he is among the wealthiest gospel artists, a clear indication that you can be born poor, but dying poor is a choice. He recently proposed to the love of his life, Esther Musila, and the two are getting along very well. Indeed love will always win.


Mr. Seed, who is twenty-five years old, is the husband of Nimo Gachuiri. He proposed to her on Valentine’s day, and he opened up on his ideal intention of marrying while young since they had dated with Nimo for about four years. Mr. Seed is a good gospel musician as his music inspires many to be better.


Eunice Njeri is a great singer. She is known for her ability to walk out of her wedding a few years down the line. She was to wed rapper Izzoh in the United States, but within 24 hours into her marriage, she changed her mind and left. Her career in music has been flourishing highly every single day, unlike her failed marriage. The “Nani Kama was” hitmaker is a very vocal artist who brings nothing but her A-game level to the table.

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David wonder, his real name is David Junior Odero. He was nurtured by Bahati, and he is now a great gospel musician. His journey started way back after he finished high school; he was quite young. He formed a band with his friends, and together they could perform at baba dogo in a church called ‘ our spirit of a pentecostal church.’ His jam with Bahati ‘ Ndogo Ndogo’ was the first jam that brought him into the limelight. From there, he has been doing great both in his solos and even collaborations with people like Mr.seed. However, David wonder left EMB records for reasons best known to him, yet it was this label that builds him to be better any way they’re always room for change which is healthy. David Junior Odero is still doing great and amazing in his arena!

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