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Top 10 Best DJs in Kenya

Dj’s play a big role in the entertainment sector just like any other artist; through DJ’s artists can be able to market their songs easily without straining. Have you ever wondered how life would be without music in matatus? We all love music from different genres, and DJs help as they can be able to produce mixes which will enable the matatus to boom easily without the driver having to change songs each time. With the DJ’s one is able to put the mix and just relax without having to be with the controller often. Parents in the current society have been able to appreciate this talent up to the point where they are willing to take their kids to academies to boost their talent. A big thank you to those legendary DJs who hard it rough to put the DJ title in its pandyo and to ensure they are awarded the respect they deserve because, just like any other art, it needed effort, hard work, and consistency. Here is a list of the best DJs in Kenya.


Dj Joe has been in the industry for a long period time now, and he was in a popularly known show in capital radio identified as Hits; he operates on gigs and shows; moreover, he also engages in other corporate deals and event organizing for well-paying shows. Dj Pinye was his inspiration as he grew up listening to him, he finished his DJ competition in 2008, where he emerged as the first runner-up and way later in 2010 got his coveted prize, and according to him, he says that where he drew his name ‘ MFALME ‘ meaning king. He charges a relatively high amount, thus clearly establishing that this art is well paying provided you work hard and spice it up with passion.

2. DJ MO

DJ MO is a gospel Kenyan DJ and the founder of System units and organization, which has raised gospel DJs. He is also a father and a husband to the famously known size eight who is a Kenyan gospel musician, and he became famous in 2009 when he became the pilsner mfalme finalist DJ in the competition, then he has won so many awards, including Groove awards 2010 and Talanta award in 2011. His raisin from a drug addict to a big DJ is such an inspiration.


Dj krowbar is one among the many DJs who learned their craft in homeboyz deejays. He rose to fame after winning the first edition of the pilsner mfalme DJ competition in 2008; actually, before DJ took over crossover 101 by that time, krowbar had worked there; he was the most prominent DJ that he even got to become the official DJ for tukuza show.


Dj crème de la crème is among the top 10 DJ’s in Kenya. George Njuguna’s journey started way back on campus, where he was known for his mixes, which he could supply for free in matatus this started way back in 2003. He even got nominated for the best DJ in Africa Award, and he mixes different genres of music; moreover, apart from his mixes, he has a passion for fashion, and he has his Epic Nation Clothing.


Dj Pierra studied mass communication but has always settled for deejaying. She is very talented as she is an actress, singer and a DJ. She even appeared on Citizen TV’s Tahidu high. Pierra is a multitalented super lady, and she has won a number of awards, including best-supporting actress and a certain critic award for a Ghanaian movie she acted in. Through her, females can now see that gender is not a barrier and one can achieve anything with determination. Pierra has worked smart in her DJ arena, and indeed she is reaping very well! A clear indication that once you have a dream, go out and do it without regard gender as a barrier.


DJ Stylez is the brother of Madtraxx, and he is indeed one of the pioneer DJs in Kenya. Under his net, many people have found guidance and how to build successful DJ careers.


DJ kaytrixx is famously known for his mixes that are often played in matatus and clubs. Just like any other DJ, he began his career while still young under the leadership of Dj Stylez under an organization called Code red DJs, he later joined homeboys but later left and formed his solo management, and since then, he has become the best of the best! He is now the CEO of spincycle entertainment.


If you are in dire need of the best reggae DJ, then worry no more because Kris Darling is available. He plays reggae music. Although he was raised in Kibera, his career had grown and accorded him the privilege he deserves; he has won many awards like the Ghetto stars Award and attended many international tours. He became so famous that he worked for Alaine and Tarrus Railey.


DJ Kalonje is very famous in Kenya. His mixes are everywhere, be it gigs, campus parties, nightclubs, or birthday parties. He brought into effect a very prominent sound effect that has really grown among reggae lovers. The best thing about him is that he mixes all genres, both riddims, bongo, hip-hop, dancehall, or Kenyan pop.


DJ pinye began his career back in 1991 while in the UK; his foundation was very humble as he loved music and really yarned to be a DJ, but he did not have the necessary funds to buy the materials needed; therefore, he decided to do odd jobs so that he could get money and buy the required equipment, he spotted a competition and called his friends to cheer him up but unfortunately he didn’t win but luckily he got a job there. And that shows he says he earned his first money from working in that club, where he gave his all with all the passion he had.

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