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10 best Wines to buy in Kenya

Wine is a drink containing alcohol that is typically made from fermented grapes. They are mostly used during a celebration to mark excellence in something, and there are four types of wines: white wine, red wine, rose wine, and sparkling wine, but there are many varieties in the main categories, ranging from dry to sweet. Knowing the best wines in Kenya is very vital. We need to consider the standards used to ensure the wine is of the best quality. To focus on that, we check on the alcohol content, a grape used, rating, aging, and price above all. Better done than said, let’s identify the best wines in Kenya.


If you are looking for supreme wine, then this is it! It is produced from Valpolicella grapes, and it’s aged for about three years in an oak barrel and about a year since they started to bottle it. It is a wine of its class because on the palate, it is so complex and sweet, while on its nose, it clearly shows the fruit flavor of ripe plum, black cherry, raisin, and spicy notes. During festive periods it’s good to preorder since they sometimes get sold out. It’s good to serve it with roasted meat or cheese, which will, in return, give you a mouth-watering experience. It’s price ranges from 5700 in wholesale and 6000 in retail price.


If you are looking for a drink that is perfectly balanced, then B&G is your ideal drink. It has a very pleasant scent spiced with red cherry and fruity aromas, and white Cuvee goes well with ripe fruits, while red Cuvee goes well with grilled meat. You can find them in Kenya at the best prices in wine stores. In terms of its rating, it’s classified among the top five because of its affordability, quality, and scent.


If you are looking for a lively drink, then this is it. It is opaque Ruby red wine from a certain simonsig estate which is located in South Africa; this environment enables the grapes to grow quality grapes which produce excellent wine. This champagne has a balanced, full-bodied wine that comprises blackberries and cherries. Its age is about five years giving it a thumbs up. Its palate comprises fruity, smoky, and lingering subtle oak notes. Among its rating, it is the best wine brand in Kenya, and it serves well on many occasions, from dinners to house parties. You can get Simonsig in Nairobi or in any available wine store.


If you are looking for the best red sweet wine, then this is it, it’s very easy to drink moreover, it is averagely fair in terms of cost and quality, that’s why it’s highly demanded mostly in Nairobi. Its alcohol content is low, plus it has a floral scent of sweet cherry and berry flavors. You can access these wines either through an online delivery shop or through the wine brands of Robertson.


If you are looking for red semi-sweet wine, then this is it. It contains flavors of plum with sweet notes that end up giving a pleasing after-taste that will warm your mouth. It comes in a 750 ml bottle. It is best served with desserts and has an alcohol percentage content of about 12%. They also offer other brands which you can access in their online services at affordable prices.


If you are looking for a great red wine that is chocolate flavored, then this is it. It has a very smooth taste, though not that sweet but silkier; it’s popularly known for its ripe black fruits and berries flavored by vanilla blended with chocolate to give it the chocolate experience. This is one of the best wines you can get during anniversaries, birthdays, weddings or Valentine’s moreover the best gift for ladies any day.


If you are looking for a more lively and full-bodied wine, then this is it. Its age is around three years blended from young wines, which gives it a balanced sweetness and an elegant finish plus, it has its red color giving it a fruity and sweet taste giving it a youthful aroma on the nose. It’s best to serve it at room temperature and chocolate desserts; it has about 19% alcohol content and other types in it, which can be acquired through dial delivery of wines and services in Nairobi.


Nedesburg has a long winemaking legacy, and it has a good team of experts who give it their all in ensuring the perfect quality; they are richly fruity accompanied with vibrant flavors and classic structure. It also has a variety of wines in it that ranges from affordable to expensive. Its quality never disappoints.


The upper valley has an excellent consistency in winemaking; the grapes that grow around those regions are favored by climate, thus making them produce high quality, those who taste it will fall in love with it. It is both affordable and of good quality, it can be used for any occasion.


Cesari Amarone is a premium full-bodied wine from Italy. It’s a very prestigious wine to be exported to all five continents, which made it famous. Basically, it’s the best red wine as it is blended from dried grapes and has a pretty aroma moreover it’s very smooth in the mouth, its maturity it’s for about three years which in return gives the best of the best quality assuring a world-class wine. If you want to impress, then consider picking Cesari Amarone champagne as it never disappoints!!

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