Top 10 best comedians in Kenya 2021

Top 10 best comedians in Kenya 2024

The Kenyan comedy industry is growing very fast as many best comedians are also coming up. We have many comedians in the comedy industry today. Thanks to social media platforms for enabling other comedians to come up. Interestingly, many comedians have succeeded in their journey through social media platforms like Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube, e.t.c.

Apparently, some comedians who have no chance to perform on our screens wouldn’t be successful. The old days are gone, where comedians would try their luck on major stage performances like Churchill’s show. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best comedians who have created their names both on-screen and on social media platforms.

1. Daniel Ndambuki Churchill

This is one of the most famous comedians in Kenya. He has enough experience in this industry. Churchill has been in the comedy industry for more than 15 years. He is the founder of a popular television show called Churchill show. This great comedian launched his show in September 2012, and the show was renamed Churchill show in the year 2012. Churchill’s show has helped many upcoming comedians in Kenya. Just but a few who succeeded through the Churchill show are Eric Omondi, Professor Hammo, Mwalimu Wanjiku, MCA Tricky, and DJ shitii. The list is vast, and the platform is also hosting more other upcoming comedians.

2. Jalang’o

This is another great comedian in Kenya serving many roles. Jalang’o emerged in the comedy industry about ten years ago. He is undoubtedly experienced in the comedy industry. Apart from comedy, Jalang’o is a TV and radio presenter currently working on kiss 100. This talented man can perform stand-up comedy, as well as acting comedy. Jalang’o has also mentored many upcoming comedians. He runs a media production house useful in talent development, theatre performances, and TV concept development. One of his latest projects is joining Churchill and other comedians to act as judges in ultimate Comic Kenya.

3. Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi is one of the successful comedians in Kenya. This great comedian is reputable in the comedy Industry both on stage and background. Eric is renowned both in Kenya and outside the country, and he recently won an award of the president of Africa comedian award.

4. Dj shitii

DJ shitii was previously known as a magazine while still performing in Churchill’s show. He then moved to the real househelps of kawangware. While in the real househelps, he portrayed a funny trait that resulted in him being very popular and a great comedian in Kenya. Though he is not in the real househelps, he is still unstoppable. He normally performs in some of the best artists’ music and some media programs. DJ shitii also worked as a brand ambassador of StarTimes.

5. Comedian Njuguna

Comedian Njuguna, his real names are Timothy Kimani. This talented comedian began his journey in college. He worked in the institution’s drama; upon his success, he was able to join the real househelps of kawangware. While in the real househelps, he didn’t let Kenyans down by performing some great comics that made him popular.

6. Flaqo

Flaqo razz, or his real name Erastus Atieno Ayieko is one of the best comedians featuring unique content. This guy is super talented. His comedy features a family of father, mother, brother, and sister. Unbelievable, he is the one who acts on all those roles perfectly. His comedy features things that happen in Kenyan homes.

7. Tales of crazy kennar

Crazy kennar is a creative comedian offering unique content. Apart from his comic side, he is an actuarial science student at JKUAT. His comedies are unique on their own. It mostly focuses on college and campuses, and this comedian has taken over the new generation. You can watch his videos on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram; he never fails by updating videos regularly.

8. Mulamwa

Mulamwa is another fantastic Kenyan comedian. This popular comedian’s real names are David Onyando. He is an actor, a social media influencer, and an MC. This man never disappoints on social media, including his jokes and funny Luhya accent. This comedian referring to himself as Kitale king, is doing wonders in the comedy industry. He can be contacted through his mail

9. MCA Tricky

This is another great comedian Churchill has mentored in this industry. MCA Tricky worked incredibly on Churchill’s show. His comedies cracked the ribs of many hence making him popular. He succeeded in Churchill’s show, therefore gave him a chance to present on Milele FM.

10. Ujinga za Victor Namaan

Victor is another creative comedian performing problems that Kenyans face in a funny way. Victor is also great at mimicking. He began comedy while still in primary school. In high school, he once-troubled for mimicking the deputy principal. Victor usually entertains Kenyans on the online platform. You can check his comedies on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms. You might also love to hear him mimicking some of the Kenyan leaders, like William Ruto and Atwoli.

11. Henry Desagu

Henry Desagu, or prince of mwihoko, has done his best in the world of comedy. This great comedian just begun from scratch and has mentored other upcoming comedians, for instance, shosho and katwiri. Desagu draws real-life stories that common Kenyan face. This comedian has succeeded in his comics and stories, and he has thousands of followers. Unfortunately, his many followers were inspired by his subject matter. On Instagram, Desagu has at least 9,800 followers.

12. TT comedian

TT comedian is one of the youngest and top comedians in Kenya. His comedy not only entertains kids, but he also makes comedies for adults. You can watch his videos on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube. You will be amused by how this young comedian is creative.

13. Seth for

This is another popular comedian to many. He once went viral due to his famous comic parody of salt bae. Seth Gor has been entertaining Kenyans since he launched his YouTube channel. The channel has more than 1000 subscribers. He also has an impressive number of followers on Instagram, about 68,500 followers. You can watch this great comedian via his social media platforms.

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