Who owns Amazon

Who is the owner of Amazon

Amazon, a multinational technology company, is found in the US. It focuses on digital streaming, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and e-commerce. However, it is considered among the big five in technology Information companies. It has been known to be one of the most influential in cultural forces, economic forces, and the highly valuable brand in the world.

Amazon music, prime video, audible, and twitch subsidiaries enable distribution, downloading, and streaming of audiobooks, videos, and music. Furthermore, it also offers amazon publishing, web services, and cloud computing subsidiary. It is preferred in consumer electronics, which include fire tablets, echo devices, and Kindle e-readers.

Amazon acquired the Wholefood market in 2017 for US$ 13.4 billion, which increased its impression extensively. This enabled them to attain 100 million subscribers worldwide.

Who owns Amazon?

Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994. Microsoft is located in Seattle, which made him operate it from there due to its technical talent. In 1997 the organization became publicly known. Amazon started its music and video selling in 1998. Online sellers of books in Germany and the United Kingdom were acquired through international operations.

Amazon web services were started in 2002, which provided data on internet traffic patterns, statistics for marketers, and website popularity. In 2006, Simple Storage Service, which rents data storage via the internet, and Elastic Compute Cloud, which enables computer processing power, were introduced, leading to the growth of Amazon Web Services. In 2012 Kiva Systems was bought to automate Amazon’s inventory management business.

Jeff Bezos is still the CEO of Amazon as of September 2020. He works together with other board directors, including Keith Alexander, the CEO IronNet Cybersecurity, Rosalind Brewer group president, Jamie Gorelick, Indra Nooyi, among others.

The founder of Amazon

Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos, who is also the owner of The Washington Post and founder of space exploration company Blue Origin. He first becomes a millionaire after raising $54 million through the initial public offering of Amazon in 1997. His net worth as of 2020 is US$200 billion.

He was born in New Mexico in 1964. He studied at Princeton University, partaking in electrical engineering and computer science. In 1990 he worked at the D.E Shaw investment firm as the senior vice president.

Amazon Features

  • Streaming videos

There is free access to several streaming movies and television shows to amazon prime users. It, however, makes its own programming such as Golden Globe-winning comedy.

  • Amazon prime music

Prime subscribers can access more albums, costumed playlists, and songs that are free of advertisement. Additionally, the Prime music catalog is available on any amazon compatible device, and it is updated regularly.

  • Unlimited photo storage

Unlimited photos can be archived on Amazon’s cloud storage for free by prime users. However, it enables automatic backup of photos, security, and users are able to view them from any location.

  • Prime early access

It offers its members 30 minutes’ early access to sales events on sites that offer designer labels and lightning deals on amazon.

  • Prime elements

The company owns the necessities of daily lines. The product is developed from customer input and brand promoted to families.

  • Prime pantry

Prime users have access to Amazon’s virtual store, which allows members to fill a pantry box with household items and groceries in everyday package sizes. The program is essential as it acts as a way of shopping for things that are needed rather than in bulk.

  • Membership sharing

Membership sharing allows prime members free shipping. It also offers them save deals, prime early access, instant video, subscribe, and Kindle Owners lending library.

  • Even hourly, same-day shipping

Prime subscribers are offered free delivery on the same day to those who reside in the areas where the service is offered.

  • Free two-day shipping

Amazon offers free two-day shipping for more than 20 million items nationwide to its prime members. Large items can still be shipped freely.

  • Kindle First and Kindle Owners’ Lending Library

The programs offer free and fast access to books to its registered members. Prime members can freely borrow digital books monthly. It also gives its users a chance to download monthly, one of the six editors’ picks before rendering it for sale. However, its members get access to many best sellers and more than 500,000 books.

Amazon services and products


Amazon services function properly through the APIs for use in the developer’s action. Its services include storage, networking, analytics, deployment, application services, database, computing, tools of the internet of things, and developer tools. Most frequently used services include amazon’s simple storage service, Amazon elastic computer cloud, and Amazon web service Lambda.

The services are accessed HTTP for architectural styles, JSON for new ones, and SOAP protocol for older APIs.


Amazon offers a variety of products. The products include several media (music CDs, videotapes, books, software, and DVDs), consumer electronics, baby products, apparel, health care items, beauty products, groceries, kitchen items, garden items, sporting goods, toys, and automotive items among others.

Frequently asked questions about amazon

1. How do agents interact with Amazon connect?

Agents can use traditional telephone services using the PSTN. However, they interact with customers by answering their calls, setting their status, and placing calls through the Contact Control Panel.

2. Can one create a dashboard to view metric reports they have defined?

Metric reports can be visible on the configured dashboard. Monitoring and defining agent occupancy performance indicators and service levels are enabled through the use of a comprehensive dashboard.

3. What is Amazon Lex?

It is a service that uses texts and voices to create conversational interfaces. Additionally, it allows easy publishing of speech to mobile devices, and chat services like Kik, Facebook messenger by reducing multiplatform development effort.

4. Is Amazon Lex managed?

Amazon Lex is managed where; the language models and schema are automatically backed up. The management provides easy rollback through comprehensive versioning capacity.

5. What is the Amazon Chime web app?

It is a web app that allows attendees in the meeting to join the Amazon Chime meeting in their browsers quickly directly.

What next for Amazon?

Amazon is aiming to be the most centric company on Earth. However, they want to raise the experience of a customer in using technology and the internet, to discover, find, and buy anything. This will help raise living standards for the country’s people, drive economic productivity and competitiveness in the world’s economy.

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