The Chinese influx to Africa and the venom that it carries alongside with it.

The wealth that Africa has within its frontiers is of untold worth and can guarantee many centuries of dependence on it while trading with the Western world for exchange to get what the natives need. Africa is a neutral continent to the Western politics. All we do is take some aspects from their democratic ways. This may be because we are still climbing the ladder to development while the Western countries have already developed their economies. Development is a procedural thing and none of the steps can be skipped. It is also a good thing to get help from those who already have reached the peak, to give directives on how to achieve development fast and how to be fully independent. You can not be independent when the economy can not support comfortable livelihood to the natives of that land. The first thing a country does is to make sure that the economy is vibrant and can support any other activity within and outside the national frontiers comfortably without causing strain to the economy and or the people of that land. Industrialization should be at the peak at this moment because a larger part of the economy in any particular country depends on industrialization. This is where the developed economies chip in.

In the recent past, most African countries have shown a shift from relying on the all time super powers to other powers. This is not political on the receiving end though it might be politicized from the issuing side. Russia and America have been given a blow by losing some of the states they used to issue them with loans and technical assistance in steering their developments. China, as a new power in the world has usurped the power and positions of the powers that used to be leading in the world. They have been hired by many African governments to help the different countries in their development plans and also issuing such governments with cheap loans.
However, their influx to Africa is alarming and their operations are leaving the natives appreciating and cursing them at the same time. While they have helped improve the transport sector and the infrastructure of the country, what they are leaving behind is huge debts to be paid and a wasted economy. Huge debts obviously destabilize the economy of the country in mention. The cost of the projects that they initiate makes the country more and more poorer without uncertainty whether such projects are going to improve the country or not. Take the standard gauge railway (SGR) as one of the example. This Kenyan project has been put to five-year operations under the Chinese. They hope the borrowed money will be recovered in this timeframe. But this is theft in the broad daylight also. During this period of time, there will be no value addition. Something that does not have a two-way benefit is fit to be dubbed theft and this is one.

Apart from development, the Asians have also come with the technology of manufacturing synthetic consumables that outrightly puts our lives in danger. They are causing double trouble in our region. It is just a while ago when Nairobi senator, Johnston Sakaja complaint about the Asians who were getting food from their country and did not purchase the local produce, from anywhere in the country. There is also a synthetic egg-manufacturing plant that was discovered in Uganda. If this is not theft, what is it then? This is an unfair deal. Apart from harming Africa’s economy, there is also a race to harm Africa’s wealth. The authorities should seek to intervene this. Synthetics harm us but never will they build us. It is better off to trade with states that do not cause double trouble to us than go for cheap that will turn out to be expensive.

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