A touch on technological advancements, the politics surrounding it and probable future hazards associated with technology

Technology is at its peak of advancement, very high, and there are still many discoveries been made day and night. Great scientists and inventors are burning the midnight oil trying to come up with a better and a more sophisticated prototype of the best in the time. And each time a superior form of the original is made, life continues getting easier. It is because of technology that life feels like it is today, otherwise it would be a hell to live in though to some extent, it wouldn’t be that bad. You can just imagine using the crude methods of communication, transport and running day to day activities. I don’t know how it can feel on your side but I am sure it can not feel good. Technology keeps the world going leave alone we as individuals.
However, politicising technology is fatal. That is what the case has been ever since and you can tell what the outcome has been when the fever was unbearable. This is in the context of weapon technology and its politicisation. Making it look like a source of power to states eventually caused a fever of fear and suspicion among different states that had to explode causing a world war. And many other similar cases among societies. Fear of defeat is what primarily leads to politicisation of technology. If a society is successful in inventing something, then their counterparts will seek to do the same thing but with more sophistication that the original inventors or rather do something different with more superiority than the others. It turns out to be some sort of a competition. And it’s obvious, in a competition, everyone wants to be the winner.
The technology of manufacturing synthetic consumables, while taking it as my first example in the contemporary world is a double ended knife. Right from the manufacturing process of these synthetics till their consumption and disposal there is an effect effect on the consumer and the environment. The end result is low life expectancy and many diseases. There is also a probability of mutations in future as more and more is being discovered.
In the few past years, there has come the new humanoid robotics that is a close prototype of the real human. These robotics threaten labour availability for casual laborers. They can be programmed to perform tasks that should be done by man. And this also brings me to thinking that it was also possible for the planet Earth to continue thriving even without human activities but under these humanoids. Does it look possible anyway? People make impossible to be possible, and that has already been proven to us. Some things look impossible to do but people have made them happen over and over again. Take an example of organ transplant, landing on the moon, spying other planets in the space etceteras. Proofs to you that a man can do anything. So it is like that one is imminent too.
Under technology, we live each day under unknown threat that we can just hide from but can not run away from. We need technology though it does not need us itself and we have to be careful with it. Otherwise, the future generations will suffer in our account. Mutations due to radioactive filtration and release from old machinery, unknown diseases that threaten the existence of the human race and the environment it occupied. The impending world mystery will be larger than the two world wars. The way science is growing and religion is fading tells it all. Evil is creeping in, greed for power, wealth and fame poses a danger to future human security with technology adding more danger.

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