The twist and practice of politics in the face of the 2022 polls in Kenya

The politics of Kenya in the recent past since the closure of the August 2018 polls have taken a different turn, quite different from what we have been used to. There has always been verbal war between the government and the opposition, which from the outward looks was meant to check the operations of the sitting government using such a technique. It is the work of the opposition to keep the government on its toes by whatever means that are legally acceptable and that do not taint the name and picture of the government to its people. Use of propaganda has always been a major means of checking out the operations of the government among other means that were seen to be employed by politicians in the opposition. And by the way, Kenya has had one leader of the opposition for the past three decades (since early 1980’s up-to-date), Raila A. Odinga together with his team. The opposition was always on the media to critic the government for its unjust deeds, in abuse of power and against authoritarian regime. To seek justice for the offended who did not have the power to challenge their perpetrators and so forth. That was the situation then though. The country was always a political pitch, with exchange of words among the political elite.

However, things have taken a different turn in the recent past. The usual word tackle among the politicians is no more. This must be historical because such conducive environment is what we as the patriots of mother Kenya have been looking for. A quiet political atmosphere with the rule of law guiding everyone in their daily activities. This has been achieved through the historical ‘handshake’ between the two major political rivals, the president and the opposition leader. It was a laudable idea to build the broken bridges that has separated people because of politics and political following. This was the counteraction to the political fever that has always been experienced in the country and that which has brought about this change. We salute our leaders for reaching such an idea. Though there still remains an unanswered question in the predictability of the future political atmosphere, what is going to happen next?

Using the realist ideology, man is not naturally good when it comes to power struggle. It is just the same way like an individual chasing their belonging they rightfully own. Different people have different beliefs and ideologies. Whatever I believe in person is that we are going in the right direction. I am hopeful that we find no more turbulence in our beloved country. That is according to my school of thought. Human being is a rational being capable of making sound decisions and that which are of positive value to their environment. What happens when you make the wrong decision? Obviously, you will attract punishment which is not a rebuke but something to make you reason right in your next undertakings. That is absolutely what we want, if at all we are going to achieve serenity and a conducive environment to conduct our daily activities. The government should do anything at their disposal to make sure that the best conditions are provided. That is the democracy and the regime that we Kenyans want.

When there is peace and calmness in the political atmosphere, then you can concur with me that everything else finds peace. We all know what war comes alongside with. If we allow it to hit our beloved country, then you can predict how everything shall be. My message to our politicians is that they should not use anyone to bring chaos. Kenya allows and has offered a good ground for anyone who wants to seek the fulfillment of their interests. The judiciary is there, tribunals can always be crafted and furthermore, their are international bodies in the watch and that which can help in finding an amicable solution.

Finally, the peace we have experienced in the past few months should remain. It is an indication that we can acquire perpetual peace if misuse of power and power politics come to an end. If we all embrace the idealism school of thought, then we will find the peace we want.

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