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Best CPM and CPC advertising programs to use as a new blogger.

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CPM stands for cost per a thousand impressions while CPC stands for cost per click. As a new blogger, you are not sure of which program that will work well for your blog so it is good to try a couple of them and choose the best.  Some blogs do well with CPM ads well others seem to do well with CPC. As a new blogger, you can combine one or two advertising programs and then compare the revenue. Note that some advertising programs do not work well with other programs on the same blog. Before placing two different ads make sure that they do not affect each other in terms of revenue or visibility.

On my previous article, we talked about how to generate more traffic as a new blogger. After getting a couple of thousands of daily traffic then it’s the right time to sign up for an advertising program to generate revenue for your blog. If you have a niche blog then it is advisable not to place so many ads because it might turn off potential readers.

I have compiled a list of the best advertising programs for you to choose and try on your blog.

Best CPC advertising Programs.

1.      Google AdSense.

Google AdSense is the best advertising program for bloggers and its revenue is based on both CPC and CPM.  This means that even without getting clicks you can still make money from a thousand impressions from AdSense.Moreover, Impression refers to a single instance of an advertisement on a webpage. AdSense pays approximately $1 for every 1000 impressions. Lastly, clicks revenue can vary up to and not limited to $100 per single click depending on its position in AdWords.

Google AdSense is a contextual Program Meaning that ads are served on your blog based on its content to make them relevant. In addition, if you want to earn more money using AdSense then it is advisable to write content with high paying keywords from AdWords.

2. is the second largest ad network and one of the fastest growing contextual ad network owned by Bing and Yahoo. Further, it combines several models such as CPM, CPC, CPL, and CPA to pay publishers. In addition,  This combination forms a single metric known as effective CPM.  Above and over that, provides innovative ad units that increase overall click-through rate (CTR) for publishers. It also provides Dynamic Optimization which makes sure that the ads match appropriately with the contents.

Note that you can use media net alongside AdSense to diversify your monetization. It is also the best alternative for AdSense.Finally, the minimum payout threshold for is $100 the same as AdSense.

Payoneer is the best method to receive payments from Over and above that, the two companies have some kind of partnership that allow fast processing of the publishers money.

3.    Infolinks

Infolinks is the fourth largest ad network in the world with over 100,000 publishers. It has the least minimum withdrawal threshold of $50 using PayPal and Payoneer. For wire transfer and other methods, the minimum payout threshold is $100. Infolinks uses a smart algorithm that match contents with the ads hence attracts high engagement and CTR allowing publishers to earn even more cash. Earnings are calculated based on the visitors’ engagement i.e. impressions and clicks.

You can also make money using the infolinks referral program which pays 10% of the revenue your referral earns for 12 months.

Best CPM Ad Networks.

1.    Propeller ads

Propeller is the best-known ad network in terms of CPM (cost per a thousand impressions). It pays on an 80:20 ratio to its publishers. Payments are done through Payoneer and bank transfer. Propeller pays it publishers after every 30 days i.e. when the minimum payout has been achieved. The minimum withdrawal threshold is $100. It also pays on other models such as CPA (cost per action) CPC and eCPM.

2.     Chikita ads.

Chikita is a contextual advertising network which means that ads displayed are matched to your content. It pays publishers using CPM and eCPM models. Chikita minimum payout is $10 using PayPal and $50 using other payment methods. This advertising network performs better for websites receiving large amounts of traffic from the USA, Canada and UK.

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