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SEO: Introduction to search engine optimization

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SEO refers to the process of acquiring free unlimited organic traffic from search engines such as Google, AOL, Bing, and Yahoo. The goal of Search Engine Optimization is ranking a website on the first page or above the top twenty of the search results. Search Engines use algorithms to determine the website with the most relevant and quality information. Videos, webpages and the local listings are indexed and ranked according to relevancy to the user’s Keyword search. A keyword refers to a name or a phrase that a user types in the search bar.

By doing keyword research and writing unique quality content one can master SEO easily. In addition after writing quality content, create inbound links to related posts to boost the optimization. Further, a blogger can write guest posts for high ranking websites to improve authority. The guest posts should include at least 3 to a maximum of 4 backlinks. Finally, other resources and tools can be used to boost SEO. For example, Yoast plugin for WordPress users and uber suggest tools.

A lot of factors and features can affect your webpage rankings. For example, the load speed of your webpages. Faster webpages rank better than slow ones. In addition, mobile it is important to make your webpages mobile friendly as it boosts the SEO ranking. Search engines use sophisticated algorithms that detect user if web pages are user-friendly. Over and above that it is important to understand that Search engine optimization is a slow process. Most bloggers spend many years before reaching perfection.

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Importance of SEO

  1. Quality traffic – SEO generates Organic traffic coming from the search engine. This traffic is genuine and performs better than traffic from other sources such as social media. For example, if a visitor lands on a website after searching a specific keyword then it is highly probable that this visitor will interact more on the website.
  2. Quantity traffic- Search Engine Optimization Generates unlimited quality traffic contrary to other sources which generate limited traffic. For instance, traffic from social media will be limited depending on how many users seeing a specific post.
  3. Free – Of course SEO is free however sometimes professionals that are familiar with the algorithm updates can do the work.
  4. Boosts leads and sales- More quality traffic increases the leads and successful sales.  SEO traffic interacts more with the website increasing the chances of purchasing a product or subscribing for the services offered.
  5. Long Term Strategy – A website will receive traffic from the search engines as long as they remain indexed.

Disadvantages of SEO

  1. Black hat SEO – Some websites trick the search engine algorithm bots to get index on the first page. Manipulation of the search results index is disastrous.
  2. Frequent algorithm updates- When a website is caught up by these updates then all the indexation is lost.


Search engine optimization is the prime master of organic traffic. Further, keyword research is very important for top ranking. Lastly SEO is a slow process because results do not show immediately.

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