How to create a free blog today.


Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online. Although it is not a get rich quick scheme, one can be able to earn up to 6 figures a year from it. Yes it is very possible to earn a fortune from blogging all you need is to give it a shot and put in some  passion and hard work. 

We all have done it because publishing some content on your social media accounts is somehow like blogging, writing awesome content for your readers to gain value. The only difference is that we blog to make money while we use Facebook and the rest of social media  to pass time. So there is nothing to be frightened about in blogging. Creating a free blog is usually very easy and takes less than five minutes to set it up and running. No coding or complex software’s needed, you only need your phone or PC to do it. You also need a browser and an email account
Using your browser open one of the following sites to get your custom domain name and hosting for free.
• WordPress
• Blogger
• Wix
• Tumblr

Follow the prompts to set up your new blog. I started blogging on a free WordPress the blog and I found it easy to use and easy to setup. WordPress also has a wide range of themes to pick from. The themes add flavor to your site. One can also easily export content to a self-hosted website. Remember to pick a simple blog address for your site that is easy to remember and a title that reflects on the niche your writing about.

. Maybe you’re wondering how one can make money by writing about their passion? Here are some of the ways
1. AdSense->this is the most popular way that bloggers use to make money online. Google AdSense is the most used today. They pay you from the number of clicks their ads get clicked on your website.
2. Affiliate marketing->selling products on behalf of online companies such as Jumia, Amazon and Alibaba. A blogger writes a short description of a product and then posts it on their blogs using some special links provided by these companies.
3. EBooks and online courses. A blogger may write an eBook on a topic of their expertise and then put it up for sale on their sites. Online courses for example foreign languages can also generate a good amount of cash.
I feel it’s important you know that free blogs always have limitations, meaning that there are some thing you can’t do.
One your sites address will have that or all hanging around unless you upgrade. The space is also limited to 1GB.
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