How to create a blog website, painless guide.

Hi, welcome today we learn how to create a blog or a website. But for beginners let us look at what a website and a blog really is. A website is a collection or connection of web pages on a domain name which is published on at least one web-server. On the other hand a blog is an actively updated website which is usually operated by one individual or a small group. This is a good example of a blog but they are practically built the same way. There are two ways of creating a website or a blog:

  1. Using content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla among others.
  2. Coding a website from scratch using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other programming languages like PHP.

Don’t panic when you hear of coding since it’s very easy. Today we look at the first method although I’ll be talking about coding a website from scratch in the next series of blog posts.Don’t miss out.

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Building a website using content management systems (CMS).

The first step is purchasing a domain name and hosting services. A domain name is basically the name of your site or we can call it a special address to identify your blog/website, here are some of the example

When choosing a domain name pick one that is easy to remember and one that represents your niche for your blog.

Then finding a host for your new domain name is the second easy step. Hosting your domain name allows it to be viewed by other internet users online. I strongly recommend a HostPoa for both hosting a domain names. Hostpoa is very cheap, convenient, easy to use and has 24/7 customer care support. Imagine paying less than $20 for a .com domain. You can also choose hosting from other companies like bluehost.

the image contains an overview of how cPnel looks
cPanel overview
shows softaculous apps installer icon
softaculous Apps Installer

After doing all that now login to your Cpanel using the information provided by your host. you can login to your cpanel using your sites address/cpanel .eg yourname .com/cpanel.Your  cpnel should look something like this  Using the Cpanel you can  install WordPress  just scroll down and click on softaculous apps installer.

shows the dashboard overview after you create a blog
Dashboard overview

After clicking on a softaculous apps installer,it will prompt you to a new page containing a bunch of softwares. Ignore them and click on install WordPress.  WordPress allows you to upload, delete or edit content on your site. You can also customize your website on WordPress.Now you can write your first post.

Thank you for reading this post, in case you have trouble setting up your website you can leave a comment below and ill be happy to assist you.

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