Ways to make money on socialmedia that will blow up your mind.

Have you ever made money on social-media? Well it’s about time we all  made something useful from social media, not just sitting down and scrolling to see shit the whole day. More social media enthusiasts are making a fortune out of social media, while what some of us do is make Mark Zuckerberg and his colleague’s richer by posting useless staffs on these networks.

Just picture how much more fun it can be for you when you earn money from the social platforms you love using. Look at the following statistics and tell me if you see the bigger picture of future potential customers and business partners. It is a distribution of users across different platforms like.
• Facebook- 1 Billion users
• Instagram-1 Billion users
• WhatsApp – 1 Billion users
• Twitter-500 million users
• Snap-chat-500 Million users
• YouTube-1 Billion users
• Pinterest-500 million users
Now having those stats in mind let’s see the best ways to make money on social media.

1. Social media marketing
It is definitely the best way to generate income on social media. People pay you to show case their products online. Very easy to start and it does not require a lot of skills. A Facebook account is good to go. Although it’s an easy task, making money from it needs you to be a tough person. It’s possible to pay your bills from this gig if it’s done on a serious note. You should also be influential and capable to create a huge social media following in order to survive in this field and get more clients. If you don’t know where to start, try approaching your friends and market their products for free that way people will realize you.

2. Become a social media strategists
The secret to becoming a successful social media strategists is having a huge following and a big influence on multiple social media platforms. The influence is what earns you the money. Sponsors pay you to advocate for their events or even market their products online. Some even pay you to make a particular topic, product or services trend on the networks but most especially on twitter. So it’s the high time you jump on those follow trains and gain some followers, I have also compiled a guide for you on how to gain followers on twitter . A strategists talks about something on social media and the followers will join in too to, make it trend. We have people who make a living out it so it can be a good venture for you. Better be cautious since one can also lose focus very easily in this field, especially when you promote bad vibes.

3. Sell Betting tips on social media
Betting as become so popular nowadays and almost everyone is looking for betting tips. This is how I do it. I started a small Facebook page about betting tips and on the first month I had received a lot of messages from guys asking for tips. You can try it too but you need to be a little bit passionate about football or it will become a boring venture for you. The tips doesn’t have to be always correct but only realistic. At first you can offer free tips until you get fans. The best way to do it is on Facebook page because you don’t want to mix it with your profile. You will be amazed by the number of customers that will be sliding on your DM begging you for tips

4. Start Affiliate Marketing
Apply for affiliate links from as many companies as you can think of and then post them on social media. This venture can be done fulltime, it’s actually my main stream of income right now, I do affiliate marketing for companies like amazon, Jumia and HostPoa. It’s easy to do since it only involves writing a short review of a particular product and sharing the links all over the social media.

5. Become a YouTuber
Create some short videos and post them on YouTube. It can be funny clips or tutorial about doing something. After getting a ton of subscribers or unique visitors you can then apply for google AdSense which is the main income stream for most vloggers. The key hack in this field is creativity

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