The Union of East African Community

A section of the Kenyan military march during the inauguration of collectivization of security in East Africa

The progress East Africa is making in matters of security for its citizens, or if better said, it’s inhabitants shows how committed our forces are. The union of East African forces is a forward step of growth and a clear depiction of more future development. The formation of the East African Legislative Assembly also is an assurance of East Africa’s march to political unity in our region.

However, much has to be done to achieve such unity. Many attempts at uniting various regions of the world often face too many stumbling blocks. With the kind of leaders we have in the time, the march to uniting East Africa is expected to be successful, in my opinion, but just for some few changes required.

The commitments by our leaders should show a sense of uniting East Africa but not the other way round. This means a lot to the growth of this region; both socially, economically and politically. 

Our region truly needs to grow. Union of the constituent states is the basic essential for growth. The security of the citizens is also a prime factor for the forward march.

If East Africa was to be united, more of progress would be achieved, harmony would prevail. Peace and unity mean everything, it’s the core of all progress in any particular society.

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  1. EAS Africa is one of the fastest growing regions in the world.I must commend you for bringing out our strengths too instead of focusing on the negatives alone just like most of the bloggers do.It’s the uniqueness in you that makes me wanna comeback for more intresting articles.Thankyou Amalki.

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