Contagious diseases and their spread in urban areas

The state of litter in many residential areas looks like this. A very disgusting sight
Urban areas are the core of contagious disease outbreaks. Often, there is outbreak of cholera in urban areas not only in East Africa but also in the whole continent. When there are such outbreaks, it is usually very probable for it spreading to the other towns or cities in their neighborhood. This may be because it is an almost inexecutable task to quarantine humans. And if it is done, then it may take a long period to fully restrict movements and control its spread.
However, before the realization of this, it is often witnessed that the disease leaves the rest of the population healing from its pangs. It claims many lives and many more are left counting losses from hospitalising their infected family members.
But the population can also be prevented from this epidemic. The partnership of the national government and the county government to work towards prevention of all contagious diseases can work best. It would even be very prudent of those in authority to work preventing communicable diseases than working to cure them. The former is very cheap as compared to the latter. Any person will undoubtedly see a good use of the taxpayer's money if input in such a critical need.
The majority of the population always cry for a prevention before the outbreak. Such ailments will always claim a good number of people before it's spread is put under control. Nobody knows what their fate is and so preference comes in here due to the uncertainty of its spread and who to contract it.
City and municipal councils are working less, if to say so. Their strategies are not as fulfilling as they should be. They are in such positions to serve the rest of the public but it somewhat seems that they have neglected their work: or maybe putting it rightly, they have neglected some critical places within their spheres. Even a small area can be the epicenters of outbreak and spread. Assumptions can not work out here for real; this is a matter of the concerns of the majorities interests.
Better strategies have to be employed to curb the outbreaks of communicable diseases. Or maybe, some new workforce with better and fulfilling methods of doing it be put in place to execute the same job. Their is virtually no reason of waiting until things trigger a pandemic so that action may be taken. We should always be cautious about everything.

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