5 hacks on how to become a successful social Media Strategist/influencer.

Want to become a social media influencer/strategist but you have no idea how to start?Then worry no more these hacks  will help you  kick start your journey/career as a social media strategist.First you need to know  who a social media strategist really is what it really takes to become one.In simple terms a social media strategist is someone who has a big influence online and one who is able to use the influence to  earn money or accomplish a certain goal.

Social media strategists earn money by marketing products on the social media or blogging. In-order for you to be a successful the you need to have a huge fan base in  your different social media accounts but most especially you should have over 5000 followers on twitter alone. If you wish to know how to gain over 5k followers on twitter easily then have a look at these easy steps on How to grow your Twitter followers.   that I have prepared for you.You can apply the same tactics on Instagram too.

Just like bloggers, social media strategists too work on different niches too. One can become influential in politics, fashion and technology among many other different categories. It all depends with what you love.Always have in mind that 


Take for example a person  trying to have influence in both politics and fashion industry. This will turn out to be disastrous because not everyone who loves fashion has interests in in politics. This person will end up losing some of his fans because they are either turned off by politics or fashion. So its always good to discover what you love and make it your niche and try to perfect it in all ways possible. If you have other interests then am not saying you should not talk about them but instead you can reduce its activity in order to maintain a good picture of your your brand.

I have prepared a list of thing that you need towards becoming a successful social media influencer/strategist.

  • Open accounts in almost all social media networks
  • Become an active social media user. You interact more with people online by commenting on their posts and actively engaging them in conversations that way they will build a special connection with you.
  • gain more followers  by sharing  awesome content and funny posts on your timeline
  • Start a  blog. This will boost your influence.Here is a is a guide on how to start a self hosted blog. in a few easy steps.Make live videos too ,that way you will interact more with your fans
  • Market products  and start earning money.

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