10 Apps Every Blogger Should have in 2020.

There are basic apps that help bloggers to succeed in every way possible. Some of these apps help bloggers in SEO,Marketing content as well as building a fanbase. If your reading this and you are not yet a blogger then you should first read  How to create a blog website, painless guide. ,before getting to see the most important apps that all bloggers should have.
Crowdfire definitely deserves to be in a top ten position.This is the app that allows you to share multiple content using different social Media accounts at once.It also has a feature that allows you to schedule posts or even publish automatically when most users of your social networks are active. You can also track your fan-base or manage your followers using crowdfire.

9.Google adsense app.
After you get approved by adsense ,you will need an efficient way to track your earnings. Google AdSense app is simple,easy to use and its a fast way to get the updates you need  from your account.

8.Plagiarism Checker.
This app is very important to you especially when you ask someone to write an article for you. After they submit their work to you, then this app will help you to check for duplicate content on the internet. Plagiarism checker is the best app you should use to ensure you don’t publish plagiarized work .

7.Microsoft Word/Office suite.
Carrying your pc every time you travel can become tiresome but  now with Microsoft word app and other editing apps one can write articles on their phones .Although its not very comfortable ,you can manage to write  articles and publish them. These apps have  all important features that a blogger needs when writing blog posts. 

Images play a very important role on our blog posts.Creative images will attract more traffic to your blog that’s why you should use Canva for editing photos. It has more  features than most  of the photo editing apps you know of.

5.Inspirational Apps.
You need to stay motivated  in order to inspire your  readers. Their are so many inspirational apps to choose from according  to the type of inspiration your yearning for.

4.Google Chrome
Google chrome will give you the best browser experience  and its more secure than most of the apps. Use it especially when your doing indepth research and you will understand why bloggers should make it their default browser.

3.Niche apps
What do I mean by  Niche apps? These are the apps that feed you with updates on whats happening around your niche. It will build you with more ideas and it will also help you understand  your  niche very well. For example,if your niche is all about tech you can make use of an app like Cybrary or TechCrunch.

2.Sinum SEO
We all know that SEO is the most convinient way to boost traffic on our websites.Sinum SEO App  makes work much easier. It has all features that will help you improve  your website for SEO. Its definately my favourite app for blogging so far.

1.Social Media Apps.
We share most of  our content on Social Media. A good blogger  is active in almost all  social media  platforms.You should  have almost all social  apps  like ; Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Snapchat ,Instagram and many others for you to become  a great  blogger. Most bloggers  get  half  of  their  traffic  from social Media.

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