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Stop Algorithm hacking and focus more on quality content

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Search Engines are becoming smarter every day while Algorithm hacking is losing. On the other hand quality content will always be king in the world of blogging. Most modern-day bloggers have devised ways that deceive the search Engines just to get high ranking.  Today going through social media I saw a post from one blogger saying that “we write for Algorithms”. I was amazed by this comment but later it hit my mind that this is what most bloggers are doing out there.  This is wrong because the essence of blogging is to bring value to our readers and not to beat the search engines.

If you write content to beat the algorithms, the content will likely bring lesser value to your readers. Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme because you have to bring value to people before making money. However, most of us are focused on making money more than generating content that will be useful to people. With algorithm hacking more crap contents sit comfortably on the first page of the search results.

 Difference between Algorithm Hacking and SEO

Algorithm hacking is the extensive use of SEO techniques and tricks in order to rank content on the first page regardless of its quality. SEO is the understanding of how search engine algorithms work and applying techniques that rank your content depending on its quality. Note that with algorithm hacking even low-quality articles rank on the first page. SEO is supposed to guide a blogger to generate quality content that will provide value to its consumers.

Google is working very hard to make sure that consumers get the best quality content from the search engine results. They are releasing algorithm updates that improve SERPS frequently. This is why you should seize Algorithm hacking because you will end up losing a ton of traffic at the end of it all. You will never lose if you keep writing unique quality content. Every Google Algorithm affects low-quality content that has ranked high though Algorithm Hacking. Earlier this month after the June 2019 Core Update, a lot of websites reportedly complained about losing traffic.

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