Best article writing freelancing websites in 2021.

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Article writing is the most competitive freelance work in the world. This is because of the high number of writers that have bumped into the industry. Compared to other forms of writing, article writing is the easiest and does not require a lot of skills to start. In fact, if you have good English and a little bit of creativity then you’re already qualified to do the job. However, you may have the skills but getting work to do is not easy because of the competition. Article writing jobs can found on various websites that connect freelancers to clients. These accounts also help to reduce fraud and low quality work. I have compiled a list of legit websites where you can get gigs easily.

However, it is very important for you to know that quality work gives you positive reviews. The positive reviews then attract more customers. With more customers, you can increase your charges per word. For example, most writers start as low as $2.5 per 500 words. This is at least how I started because I was so desperate to get my first job. After doing several articles with positive ratings I increased my prices and clients still kept coming for more. Bidding for articles at low prices is how to easily get your first client on these accounts. However, do not act very desperate for example some people bid 500words for $1. This is not economical and you will hardly get any clients.

How do you determine that a website is good for beginners? First, the website has to be legit. Be careful of fake websites out there always carry your own research before starting. Secondly, I recommend sites with a high number of clients looking for freelancers such as:

Best article writing freelancing accounts






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