How corruption in Kenya has become a dreadful disease across regimes

It really is worrying about how Kenyans perceive this burning issue about corruption. Indeed, it is a thing which should be done away with as it deprives the country of its funds to run many more development projects. Or should we just say that our leadership assumes that it is very normal for any developing economy to experience such drama of corruption and or misappropriation of funds?? It is not a good notion at all but, in a different opinion, a society can still move to the state of being corruption-free.

Corruption is that kind of a social vice which wipes everything: the taxpayers’ money, all grants and aids from the western economies and all other funds the country acquires. Very little in developments is done taking into consideration that a lot of money goes into the pockets of egocentric and corrupt leaders. This is an issue which should be dealt with the utmost seriousness it deserves to ensure that the country is committed to initiating development projects with the little funds it gets. His Excellency, the president of the republic of Kenya stood in the podium the other day and said that he and his government is going to deal with corruption seriously, both ‘real and perceived’. Well, this will be a great move if at all it is executed.

However, everyone has witnessed the Judiciary services, which should enjoy independence to great depths, been deprived of this independence. It feels like the Legislature and the Executive control the works of the Judiciary to some extent. No need to expound much about that as it is self-magnificent. This undoubtedly makes it a hell of a task for the judiciary to tackle graft cases by the judiciary.

The only thing that should make the constitution to be amended is to ensure that it includes new penal codes for graft cases (besides the current concern to amend the constitution to prevent political wrangles). This might see the country make great moves towards economic development of the country. Leadership wrangles will always remain a mystery in this country as long as corruption persists. Individuals will always try to ascend to power in order to pile wealth to themselves due to their selfish interests and this is motivated by the fact that graft cases are there and their penal codes are very lenient besides the fact that you can manoeuvre through the judicial processes with much ease based on the argument that the judiciary is no longer independent as it should be.

Since the current president, H. E, Uhuru Kenyatta ascended to power in 2013, there seems to have an increase in graft cases by year. Nothing much has been done about it despite the proclamation of stiff action against corruption. There has been a lot of drama in regards to corruption which sees billions of taxpayers’ money being stolen or being misappropriated. Much could have been done to this level with the lost money.

Declarations have been issued to counter corruption over those few or many years but it’s like nothing has been done. With this situation, we expect nothing much to be done not unless a revolution is done on the means with which justice is done. Otherwise, we will live with foreign debts for generations with little developments while a few benefit behind the curtains.

In the recently done ranking of countries in the world according to intensity of corruption, Kenya was ranked among the most corrupt countries of the world: it was ranked number 139 out the 168 world countries sampled. Among the major corruption cases witnessed in Kenya even during former president Moi’s regime up to date include among them, the following :


This scandal first came in during president Moi’s regime in 2004 but was carried forward to president Kibaki’s regime. It involved high ranking officers, businessmen and large companies which carried out large tenders and which led to loss of large amounts of money.


This scandal occurred in 2012. It was a period of some kind of transition from president Kibaki’s regime to president Uhuru’s regime which started on 2013. It was meant to defraud the insurer of money amounting to Sh.96 million. There was also the plan of defrauding Meridian Clinic and the insurer of Sh.126 million.


This scam involved irregular procurement of cemetery land in Nairobi. In this scandal, a large amount of money amounting to Sh.283 million was lost.


This scam saw money amounting to Sh.1.57billion being allegedly misappropriated in the purchase of property to house Kenya’s embassy in Tokyo, Japan.


This one took place between December 2014-April 2015. An estimated amount of sh.791million was lost in the scandal. More than 21 state officers were accused of being involved in the scam.

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