Jumia Affiliate Program

How to signup for the Jumia Affiliate program, build product links and banners

What is Jumia affiliate program?This is a marketing strategy introduced by Jumia to step up it’s sales.So how does it work?Once you sign up for the affiliate program,you are assigned a special link,that can be customized for any product that you want to sell.This is the link that you forward to people and when they make a successful purchase using it then you earn a commission from that product.

It’s important For you to understand that you only earn a commission after a successful purchase is made using your Link and not the number of clicks. If one uses your link and instead purchases a different product you still get paid.

For bloggers there is an extra feature which is the banners that you can display on your blog.Banners are linked to your affiliate link. It’s always good to have affiliate accounts from as many company’s as you can.

Jumia is the largest online shopping mall in Africa. They sell a wide range of products like electronics,clothes and home appliances.They operate in almost all African countries.But it’s most popular in Kenya and Nigeria.

Jumia pays a commission of up to 13% on the products sold through the affiliate program. Let’s say you have managed to sell a product worth KSH 60,000 through the program.This will earn you a total of KSH 6,600.Now let’s say you make 4 similar successful sales in a month, 6,600*4 =26400.This is a good amount of money right?You can make even double the amount, it depends with the number of successful sales via your link.The payments are made via mpesa for amounts up to Kshs70,000 or via the bank if your money exceeds that limit.

The best way to sell products hussle free is by writing short reviews and posting them on social media or your blog.You can also do it offline,by asking your close friends to use your link when they want to buy on Jumia.

Steps for Signing up to Jumia affiliate program and building links.

  • Click Here to sign up for the Jumia Affiliate Program.Fill in the registration details and you’re in.
  1. After signing up open jumia market and then pick a product of your choice.Copy the url on top of that products page.
  2. Open your Jumia affiliate account and click on tools
  3. After clicking the tools tab you will be prompted on a new page with Banners and link builder.
  4. Click on the link builder and paste the url on Subid1.Leave the other subids blank.
  5. Copy the final link at the bottom of the page and share it with your friends or on your blog

Repeat the same steps to build banners for your website except now you have to paste the url on the banners tab.The last step is chosing the size of the banner,I recommend medium banners.Very huge banners might scare away your traffic.

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