How to apply for free scholarships in Kenya

How to apply for free scholarships in Kenya 2024

The value of education and the ever-increasing cost of education is in rising demand. Colleges and universities have become too much expensive. It almost feels like the hopes of furthering education are getting out of the control of students.

Scholarship opportunities are endless. Many have managed to get the ease of the pain of college tuition fees through applications for scholarships here in Kenya. By surprise, the good news is, there is nearly a scholarship for everything you can think of. There is a need to secure one for you.

The steps discussed below guide exclusively on how to apply for one;

Step 1: Search scholarships you are eligible for

The internet has gifted us with many search tools and online sources like websites. Search engines, newspapers, and bulletin boards have brought about a great impact. Here you can find scholarships you need.

They narrowed the search down and eased a lot that had to be incurred. One needs to search for the ones that best fit. Qualifications are the crucial part of all. Many institutions fully provide these scholarships: the government and private institutions. Also, private providers like the coca-cola LEAP foundation have options and very flexible qualifications.

Step 2: Understand application requirements

After completing the task of “finding scholarships, “split your search. It can be according to needs and merits, which falls in your category. It’s important to research the scholarships. Requirements are crucial for applying for a scholarship. The most common documents and credentials needed have to be prioritized. They include a properly filled application form. Double-check it to correct any errors and confirm that the information provided is accurate.

It’s essential to supply copies of your recent transcripts. An updated resume makes a big impact on the application. An essay, a letter of recommendation containing references, copies of transcripts, and a curriculum vitae will be essential even if the scholarship is not merit-based.

Step 3: Time limit (the calendar)

Timing is essential when it comes to applying for scholarships. It’s inevitable to apply as soon as possible you can never go out of style applying in time. Always make a list of scholarships you would like to apply for with their time limits. It prevents deadlines from sneaking up on you.

Starting in advance and being well prepared, you will be ahead of the game. Committing time and starting the application in time also ends you applying on time.

Step 4: Rock The application essay

Without any doubt, the most challenging part of doing something decisive is the beginning. Write a catchy first line. You aim to catch the reader’s attention and force them to continue reading.

The essay can make or break the application. Give it the extra efforts it needs. Follow instructions as per the application requirements. Think of good ideas and brainstorm on ways of making the essay stand. Nobody wants to read a boring essay. Showcase your personality and let your passion show.

Proofread through your essay to correct the errors made. Having a second set of eyes doesn’t cause havoc. Instead, it will help you correct spelling grammar mistakes. It’s not a secret that if you want to get good results, it’s better to go through the process in the state of being inspired.

Step 5: Submit the application

After being sure that you have done the right thing, it’s time to submit your application. Submit in time. Also, provide your valid email address and your contacts to be accessed easily. Send the application to the right destination.

Step 6: Check the status of your application

Scholarships usually inform when to expect feedback. Once you have submitted it, check the status of the application to ensure nothing was left out. Keep a positive attitude. Always be calm and patient as you wait for feedback.


Everyone has dreamed of reaching high limits as education and knowledge are concerned. Scholarships have made these dreams valid for those with financial constraints. They play a big crucial role in seeing Kenyan people realize their dreams. Congratulations to the firms that provide these opportunities.

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