Fuliza overdraft service

Fuliza Mpesa Overdraft service; all you need to know.

Safaricom has joined hands with CBA bank once again to come up with a new service called Fuliza. This is an overdraft service that allows Mpesa users to complete transactions when they have insufficient funds   when sending money or paying bills. It does not work for withdrawal transactions .One week after Safaricom rolled out the service, it registered over a million users who borrowed over KSH 1 billion in total. This is a game changing development that will help many strive their businesses but also leave others debt strapped.

How Fuliza Works.

To join you need to be a registered Mpesa Customer with an active Mpesa account.  Dial *234# and select Fuliza Mpesa. Then follow the steps prompted to complete the registration and know your limit. Now you can enjoy the services every time you have insufficient Funds on your Mpesa wallet.

Good news it works even when sending money from Safaricom to other Telco companies. Your Fuliza limit is determined by your credit history with Safaricom and will be reviewed after every 3 months. So if you have a small limit as you start then you have 3 months to increase your credit score. To increase it you need to use Safaricom and M-pesa frequently and repay Fuliza on time.


The overdraft money is charged at a small   fee of Ksh 1-Ksh 30 every day until full payment is done. Mpesa automatically deducts money in your Mpesa account to settle the outstanding balance. You are supposed to repay the money within 30 days before you won’t be able to access their services for a specific period.  .Safaricom has made it clear that Fuliza is not a loan product but an overdraft service that’s the difference from other safaricom services such as Mshwari and KCB-Mpesa.


Maximum Fuliza limit ksh70, 000.The table below shows all the  charges.

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Final remarks on Fuliza M-Pesa.

“We got a million users by day 8 and we had lent $10 million. Now we are probably at $million” Safaricom plc CEO, Bob Collymore to the press.

Without hating this is another milestone by Safaricom that will see its market shares shoot up. Since 58% of its transactions fail due to insufficient funds and Fuliza is here to cub that.

Market analysts say there is no better time to buy shares from the company than now.

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