Certificate in Nursing requirement in Kenya

Certificate in Nursing Requirements in Kenya

Becoming a nurse in Kenya involves meeting specific requirements that pave the way for comprehensive training and eventual registration. If you’re considering this path, understanding the prerequisites for a Certificate in Nursing is crucial. Let’s delve deeper into the essential aspects of these requirements and the journey toward a nursing career in Kenya.

Certificate in Nursing Requirements

Nursing is a profoundly rewarding career path, but it demands commitment and adherence to specific prerequisites. To enroll in a Certificate course at institutions like KMTC or other accredited colleges in Kenya, meeting the following requirements is necessary:

  • Educational Qualifications: Attaining a minimum grade of C- in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examinations (KCSE) is essential. This grade should be accompanied by specific qualifications in cluster subjects.
  • Cluster Subject Requirements: Candidates must achieve at least a D+ in Chemistry or Physics, a C- in English or Kiswahili, and a C- in Biology or Biological Sciences. These subjects form the foundational knowledge necessary for nursing practice.

Duration of the Course

The journey toward a nursing certificate in Kenya typically spans 2 ½ years. The rigorous curriculum focuses on imparting the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills essential for providing quality nursing care.

Path to Registration as a Nurse in Kenya

After completing the certificate course, aspiring nurses need to undertake further steps to become registered professionals:

  • Nursing Council of Kenya Oversight: This regulatory body oversees the registration and licensing of nurses in Kenya. Completing a nursing program from an accredited institution is the first step.
  • National Licensure Examination: Passing this exam is a pivotal requirement before applying for registration and licensing.
  • Application for Registration: Once the exam is successfully cleared, an online application for registration and licensing with the Nursing Council of Kenya must be submitted.

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List of Colleges Offering Certificate Programs in Nursing

Several esteemed institutions in Kenya offer Certificate programs in Nursing, including:

  • Gertrude’s Institute of Nursing and Research
  • Fafa Medical Training College
  • Consolata Hospital, Nkubu School of Nursing
  • University of Eastern Africa Baraton
  • Clive Irvine College (PCEA, Chogoria Hospital)
  • The Nairobi Women’s Hospital College
  • MTRH College of Medicine (Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital)
  • Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC)


The nursing profession stands as a crucial pillar within Kenya’s healthcare system. Achieving a Certificate in Nursing involves rigorous requirements, including specialized education, practical training, and successful licensure examinations. While challenging, this path promises a fulfilling career dedicated to providing high-quality patient care.

For those passionate about healthcare and committed to making a difference, pursuing a Certificate in Nursing in Kenya can open doors to a rewarding and impactful career journey.

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