Tanasha Donna Age, Weight, Height, Relationship, Networth and Salary

Tanasha Donna Age, Weight, Height, Relationship, Networth and Salary

Tanasha Donna early life

Her full name is Tanasha Donna Barbier Oketch, and she was born in the year 1996 on July 7th. As of 2020, she is aged 24 years. She is a half cast of a Kenyan Luo and an Italian where she grew up in Kenya till her 11th year and later on moved on to Belgium, where she resided till she attained the age of 20 and came back to Kenya. She belongs to the Luo tribe hence the justification of her Oketch name.

Personal life

Tanasha was born in Kenya in 1996 on July 7th and she has parents with a Kenyan and Italian descent. She has dated Hunk Nick Mutuma, who Kenya’s popular actor and commercial model for just six months in 2017, then broke up. Immediately after, she was rumored to be dating Diamond platinum in 2018 after he was dumped by his ex Zari Hassan due to his unending infidelity.

Diamond confirmed that he was dating Tanasha on November 23rd, 2018, during the inaugural Wasafi Festival in Mtwara. During an interview with Wikienda, he confirmed that he was ready to marry Tanasha. Through the interview, he mentioned that Tanasha was the right person for marriage because she had all the qualities am a man looks for in a lady. In addition, he mentioned that on top of her beauty Tanasha had good manners.

In 2019 Tanasha gave birth to their first child with Diamond Platinumz, who they name Naseeb Junior. Naseeb Junior shares his birthday with his father, Diamond. In 2020 the two parted ways after Tanasha Donna decided to go back to Kenya her home country and Tanasha through her Instagram story posts declared herself single.


Tanasha Donna has studied tourism through which she can fluently speak five languages that are English, Swahili, Dutch, and French. She is also a model where she has participated in some beauty pageants such as Miss African Belgium, among others.


Donna is many things which include; she is a video vixen where she was featured in Alikiba ft. Christian in their Bella’s Nagharamia collabo. She is also an entrepreneur in the beauty sector, where she deals with beauty products, in this case, high-quality, affordable hair. Her brand is well known as For Luxury Hair, and she is the CEO and founder of her hair brand. In addition, she was a radio presenter in the NRG radio located in Nairobi, Kenya. She is also an upcoming musician.

Music career

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As an upcoming musician, Tanasha released her new brand tunu Gere which featured Diamond PLatinumz, and an amazing fact is that this song gained one million views within 14 hours. This song at the moment was trending number one in both Kenya and Tanzania till it gained the attention of the legendary US producer Swizz Beatz who is the husband of the famous Alicia Keys.

Age, Height, and Weight

Tanasha, having been born in 1996 on July 7th she will be turning 24 years in July 2020. Her weight and height at the moment are not yet available to the public.

Awards and achievements

After releasing her new hit song ‘featuring Barak Jacuzzi ‘Tanasha was able to dominate various airwaves that is Kenya and other countries in Africa and beyond. Her new hit was then performed on global platforms such as MTV and Trace. She was nominated for a Major Pan African award that is Best New Actor Q Awards; all this happened in May 2019.

Net worth and salary

Tanasha Donna has a net worth of $1.82K -$10.9K.Her engagement with Diamond Platinumz made Tanasha’s net worth to be estimated to approximately US $15 million as of the year 2020. Most of her investment is in her beauty industry, which is her favorite.

Is Tanasha Donna a Luo?

Tanasha Donna is a half cast of a Kenyan Luo and an Italian who lived in Kenya for only 11 years and later moved to Europe Belgium, where she grew up and did study tourism and modeling.

Is Tanasha Donna a Muslim?

Initially, Tanasha was not a Muslim, but she converted while engaged to diamond, where she changed her name to Aisha. According to a reliable source that is Diamond’s sister Tanasha was not coerced or pressured in to being a Muslim, but rather, she converted at her own free will. Esma Platinumz, Diamond’s sister, confirmed this after the two broke up.

Is Tanasha Donna a Christian?

Tanasha has been a stunt Christian all her life till she met Diamond Platinumz, who is a Muslim and whose real names are Naseeb Abdul Juma. She has been said to have converted, however, during her date time with Diamond, her fiancée.

When was Tanasha Donna born?

Donna was born on July 7th in the year 1996, which makes her 24 years the year 2020. She was born in Kenya; hence she is a normal Kenyan citizen.

Why did Tanasha Donna leave Diamond?

It all started with Tanasha Donna’s insta-stories, where she wrote to her fans warning them of narcissistic personalities. Later on, Tanasha unfollowed his baby daddy on Instagram together with all his family members’.In addition, she deleted some of her photos where they had taken together, which made most of their fans realize that all was not well with their relationship.

Just like his previous relationships, the diamond was left because of his cheating behaviors, and Tanasha’s case was no different. The real reason for their split is yet to be confirmed, but it is already known that Diamond has been cheating on Tanasha severally with his jeje model, Malaika Salatis, last year he was alleged to be cheating with Lulu Diva, a Tanzanian musician.

This year, however, more cheating cases came up with one consistent lady whose name is Rose was D, who apparently has been to all Diamonds concerts and rumor has it that all her expenses were financed by him.

Which music hits has Tanasha Donna released?

Her music career has been successful lately after her release, Radio ft. Jacuzzi and Nah Easy, Donna Tella, Gere, which has featured her baby daddy Diamond, Te Amo, and La Vie, which has featured Mbosso, and it were named the second hit after Sauti Soul’s Suzanna.


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