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How to get your first order on Fiverr as a seller

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Most newbies face a tough challenge of getting their first order on Fiverr. Because buyers love buying from experienced sellers who have at least one order and a positive rating.

It’s just like shopping for a product online where you read reviews first before purchasing something. In fact, most of us buy items that have 5-star ratings.

So if everyone is looking for an experienced freelancer, then how can you make the first sale? Stick around until the end to gain tips that will help you get that first sale. My name is Amos and I am currently a level one seller with more than 36 successful sales.

1. Send Buyer Requests

My first successful sale on Fiverr came from buyer requests. If you don’t know what that is, its when a potential client posts work on the platform looking for freelancers. Then you are supposed to send a buyer request (same as proposal or bid as known on other platforms) to them. The person with the best offer or bid wins the project.

The easiest way to win a bid is by keeping things professional and sharing your experience in the given field. However, don’t focus too much on yourself but what value the client is going to get.

If you share more on what value the client will get then you will be at a higher chance of getting the project. Furthermore, sending many buyer requests will increase your chances of getting hired

Fiverr gives you 10 free offers daily that you can use to bid for work. Unlike other platforms Fiverr offers are free. I sent up to 40 offers before landing my first gig. So don’t lose hope after sending a few offers without getting hired.

2. Optimize your gigs

Optimize your gig so that buyers can easily find you. But before you optimize your gigs make sure that they have professionalism. Create a gig using correct grammar and well-structured sentences.

Make sure to use clear images or files that you’ll put on display. Sometimes that is all that attracts some clients. Creative images will increase your click-through rate. that may finally lead to a purchase.

Another way to optimize your gig is by writing long descriptions that will help your gig get noticed by the Fiverr algorithm.

Nowadays most platforms are highly dependent on algorithms and Fiverr hasn’t been left behind. However, the only way to beat the algorithm is by writing quality descriptions.

Use keywords that are most searched in your industry. You can get these keywords by typing what you are offering in Fiverr’s search bar and note all the top suggestions. You can use them as tags or in the descriptions.

Search a service and get more suggestions
If you type in a service you will get more suggestions. Use these tags to optimize your gigs

Make sure your gig is easy for the client to purchase. For example, do not ask for many requirements at the end that are not necessary. Just request for key details and chat them later if you didn’t get all the details.

3. Share your gig on social media

Some clients can be drawn from social media platforms. Sharing your gig on these platforms increases the chances of making a sale. In addition, sharing on social media sends positive signals to the Fiverr algorithm. For instance, the algorithm will get hints that you are free and ready to work. That way, your gig will be among the top featured when a buyer searches for service.

4. Chargeless

Charging a cheaper price for a service for the first time won’t hurt. However, you should give it your full expertise and quality so as to receive 5-star ratings. They will help you land your second sale on the platform.

Charge reasonable prices and not very cheap unrealistic prices because it will turn some clients away. Besides, don’t beg a client to buy your services because it won’t probably go well.

After landing the first gig then you can adjust to normal prices again. This time landing a second gig will be easier provided you follow the instructions.

5. Stay active on Fiverr

Staying online will increase the chances of landing a gig because some clients look for sellers that are readily available. You can leave the Fiverr tab open or running on the background as you do other things.

Alternatively, you can use the app because it’s easier to check on messages and even replying instantly. Furthermore, you can use the app to send requests faster.

6. Create many gigs

As a no level seller on Fiverr, you can create up to 7 gigs. Why not use them all? One gig can rank higher than the others hence driving more traffic and potential customers to your services.

Final thoughts

Landing your first gig opens more opportunities for you as Freelancer on Fiverr. Buyers are always looking for experienced freelancers making it difficult for newbies to make a sale. However, using the above tactics, you can easily land on your first client.

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