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How to apply for Google AdSense in Kenya

What is Google AdSense in the first place? This is a program ran by google to place advertisements on publishers websites or YouTube videos. A publisher is someone that has a website or a YouTube channel connected to Google AdSense. . It’s one of the best and most reliable way to make money online, a report by google shows that it has paid over $11 000 000 000 to publishers. There are over one million publishers across the globe which makes google AdSense the largest advertising program.

Qualifications/requirements to apply for a google AdSense account.

In order to qualify and get approved by google AdSense you need to have the following qualifications.

  • A Gmail account
  • A website/a YouTube channel/ Android Application.
  • Original content on your blog, website or YouTube channel.
  • For blogs it’s advisable to have more than 15 blog posts for you to qualify for Google AdSense.
  • Your domain should be at least 3 months old. Contrary new but one that looks professional,with more than 15 articles that contain 500+ words. Also a good design, theme or template.
  • A physical address. After being approved by google AdSense, they will mail you a physical letter with a 6 digit pin to verify your address. The pin takes 2 to 4 weeks to arrive depending on the postal services in your country.
  • Policy and rights page. Especially in the countries affected by the GDPR.

Application procedure

Having achieved the qualifications you’re now ready to apply for a google AdSense account. Just follow this link and fill in the form with your correct details. After submitting your details google will automatically generate a code that you will be required to add on your website’s header tag. Note that if your website is ran by WordPress you will require an additional plugin to add the code. My site is ran by WordPress so I use adrotate which is an open source software. After adding the code to your website/blog Google will now review your application. It takes less than 24hrs to get approved and the ads appear on your website immediately.

After being approved by google AdSense they will need to verify your physical address once you achieve the verification threshold which is about $10.They will send you a mail via the postal services. Don’t worry if the pin doesn’t arrive since you can request for another one up to 3 times. If all the three pins could not reach you then you can use alternative methods to verify your account. You can verify it using your national ID, passport or bank statement again depending on your country.

Making money with Google AdSense.

Please note that clicking on your own ads or asking your friends to click for you will get you banned and sometimes getting back is very hard. The best way to earn money by AdSense is by publishing original content that can attract huge traffic. Google pays you $0.1 for every click and $1 for every 1000 impressions.

Understanding Google AdSense Terminologies.

CTR-Click Through Rate. This is calculated by dividing the total number of impressions by the number of clicks.

Impressions-Times a user views a page displaying google ads.

CPC-Cost Per Click

Page eCPM -This represents your earnings per 1000 impressions.

Google AdSense and YouTube.

If you have a blog/website connected to google AdSense then you can also link your YouTube channel and receive payments in the same account.

Google AdSense Payments.

You only get paid after reaching your payment threshold and strict adherence to the Google rights and Policy .Your threshold depends on the currency that you’re currently using. For example the payment threshold that am currently using is at 70€.

Google offers 3 payment options,

Bank wire transfer

Western Union.This is the fastest way to receive your income and probably the most efficient way

By Cheque which is mailed to you via your physical address.

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